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#雅思口语方法课第一节作业# 1. Tell me something about your study/work
Now, I’m a postgraduate student from ulster university, majored in management. Actually, I also have another master degree to obtain in China after my graduation here. I’m kind of like an exchange student. The reason why I choose management is that I think it will be easier for me to learn due to a lack of financial knowledge, and also I can become competitive if I have two master degrees after all my graduation.
2. Tell me something about the place you live in
I am living in Dalriada Student Village provided by Ulster University. The rent is 114 pounds a week, which is quite expensive compared to my dormitory in China. However, the room is way better. I’ve got my own bedroom and bathroom, which is impossible in China owing to a large number of students. Besides, I share a fully equipped spacious kitchen and living/dining area with my other four roommates.
3. Tell me something about your hometown
BJ. Modern and crowded. Metropolitan. It’s in the northern part of China, so it has a clear four season, which I like summer best. BJ is bestowed with many famous places of interests, such as FBC… Also ,the food, you can enjoy the food from all over the world, and I really miss that. However, this is one thing that I don’t like, that is, the environment, especially the air.
4. Tell me something about your favorite book/movie/TV program
Definitely Friends. Firstly, it is really humorous. Besides, it taught me a lot about friendship and love, I really hope I can get a husband just like C. What’ more, it is easy to understand.

1. Do you like animals?
I'm pretty fond of animals, especially dogs. I’m the only child in my family due to China’s one child policy , and the fact that I don’t have any siblings always lead to loneliness, and my dogs always keep my accompany, which is a great comfort.
2. What color do you like?
Actually, I don’t have the favorite one. But when I feel upset, I will choose to wear clothes in bright colors, such as pink and red. And when I want to be seen very slim, I will come to dark ones.
3. What is your favorite season/weather?
not a winter guy, freezing, although, sweat, feel like an ice cube
2-month summer vacation, travel with friends
longest daytime, take a walk, 8 O'clock
even the rain, the thunder
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