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#雅思口语方法课第一节作业# 1.which one do you prefer, travelling by plane or by train?
2.what color do you like?
3.tell me something about your study.
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雅思 4.0 方法课作业
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练习1[br]1. Tell me something about your study/work [br]Well,i am a student in Wuxi Foreign Language School. We study many subjects. But I'm different from other studentsin other classes because I am in International Class in our school.And in the future,I have a plan to go aboard to the UK.[br]2.Tell me something about the place you live in [br]I live in a community near my school. It is in the downtown of this city. I live in the 11th floor in a flat. The sceneries in the flat is very beautiful. I enjoy this environment as well.[br]3. Tell me something about your hometown [br]My hometown is not very big, but its transportation is convenient, entertainment facilities are also well equipped. The transportation system is very good. I love living there.[br]4. Tell me something about your favorite book/movie/TV program [br]My favorite movie is a Japanese film called your name, a famous Anime film which won Oscar prize. It is a touching film about two senior school students who exchanged their souls and experienced different daily lives. What touched me a lot is that one of the roll, Taki, devoted all himself to save the girl from the crashing of the comet.[br]练习2[br]1. Do you like animals?[br]Of course, I like animals. Animals are loyal and kind. They are very sincerely, better than mankind. To myself I'd prefer small and cute animals like cats and dogs, not like bears or tigers, I don't like Stay with harmful animals. However, if let me choose to get along with man or animals. I'd prefer animals. That's all.[br]2. What color do you like?[br]In fact, I don't really know which color I like, If I have to choose a color I like, I prefer blue. Because to most of men, blue is the best color to wear, and I think this kind of dark colors can make men look stronger and powerful. But sometimes I prefer grey or black because they are smart in vision. So it depends on the situation.[br] 3. What is your favorite season/weather? [br] My favorite season is Spring. It is a season that happens many beautiful stories. and spring represents new life and growth in my own opinion. There are many beautiful things to see in spring, and we usually have picnics in spring too. So I think spring is my favorite season.[br]4. Is there anything you don’t like about your study?[br] Yes, I do have lots of things that I don't like in my study. For example, exams and ranking. I really hate rankings after an extremely difficult exam. Because my parents will compare me with other students in my class. They also deny my advantages after that. Teachers will also separate us into two groups-good students and bad students. Bad students will be treated bad. Teacher often punish them. However, good students will be treated well even they do some bad things. So this is the place where I don't like.[br] 5. Tell me about different types of transportation in your city. [br] There are many kinds of transportations in our city. Taxis,buses,bikes and subway .Most of people will choose buses because buses areconvenient and cheap.Some of them will choose subway if he lives near the subway station or it is convenient to get to his work place.But I preferbikes, because they are convenient and it doesn't pollute the environment.However, if you are really in hurry, I suggest you to take a taxi.Although it is expensive, but it is very fast to access your destination.[br]6. Which one do you prefer, traveling by plane or by train?[br]Well,in my own opinion, I prefer travelling by plane.Planes are fast and convenient.Andyou can enjoy beautiful sceneriesfrom the cabin out of the sky.And I myself is an aviation fan.This is the reason why I prefer plane.