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The bad temptation of society to teenagers is growing since undesirable information could affect them in more ways,including the internet . In some countries these bad influences caused the juveniles more likely to have criminal tendency because they do not have enough self control,then lead to more serious social disruption.generally,good education and rigorous laws could prevent and stop these threat.[br]Bad people always have diverse methods to attract young guys' attention.They could spread bad information to teenagers through books,videos,brochures or websites.Although most of the adults will not be fooled,whereas,those vulnerable juveniles would be very easily to rise in the bait because of the curiosity.The criminals usually find what these teenagers are interested in and give them some rewards.Then these teenagers would be willing to do the illegal things.[br]A good education must include both family and school,since the adolescents may not have strong will power to self control,as their parents,should pay attention to their sons or daughters' odd behavior to prevent them get in the wrong way.The parents should teach their children to make a clear distinction between the right and the wrong in their early age by a soft way.Let them boycott the temptation and at the same time do not make them feel disgusted. However,the schools'education seems more important that the students spent more time in the campus,so the teachers should play the role to teach them learn how to protect themselves.If both families and schools did what they should do,the teenagers would not be easily to trapped.[br]Through help the young guys to learn self-protection could decline the rate of juvenile crime,but that cannot crack on the criminals , strict laws could threaten the criminal effectively. If those offenders could receive forceful sanction,other guys who also have malice would be warned.Therefore,make useful laws and add more police power to beat the crimes is very necessary.[br]Overall,reducing juvenile delinquency is not just the police's responsibility,that's a society's duty.Not only the parents should give the teenagers education but also the schools should carry out more courses to help them learn the harm of crime.At last ,wish that all the teenagers could learn how to control themselves.