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3.Friendship has never been as precious as it is today because it is something that we can easily overlook, especially when we live in a "money-oriented" material world. Ironically, many people seek help from their friends only when they are short of money. This will hurt friendship? Leaving aside the proverb "Everyone knows the truth", which everyone knows, I really think that debt can create problems and even affect friendship.
(3)If the school's teaching facilities are advanced, students can enjoy a better learning environment. These teaching facilities include classroom equipment such as projectors, electronic screens, etc., as well as laboratory equipment such as microscopes and chemical reactors. With the help of these devices, learning is no longer a tedious and repetitive process of knowledge, but a pleasing way in which everyone likes to engage. After experimenting with these devices, physical and chemical theorems can create a deeper impression in the minds of students, and as a result, more people are trained and national development benefits.
(4)University education is very important for the development of a country, because higher education students are a country's potential. That is, universities help people to prepare for future careers, strengthen their academic ability and improve their interpersonal and organizational skills so that they can adapt to this changing world. Through this process, the University has cultivated many excellent scientists, workers, engineers and other talented people. However, this process requires that the government invest heavily in schools, such as teachers and equipment.
(5)First, work-at-home is free from traffic jams. Today, flocks of people flock to big cities for better jobs and educational opportunities, which to a large extent make urban transport more stressful. For office workers, it is possible to spend 2 hours a day on transportation. In this case, if you can work on your home PC, few people will refuse it. The remaining time can do a lot of meaningful things, such as the completion of additional work, or better life.
(6)Indeed, part-time work can help children prepare well for their future adult life. First, it helps children develop good and mature personalities, and this time will be of great benefit to their future studies and work. Second, through part-time work, children can apply what they learn to practice and gain many hands-on experience in leadership, coping challenges, teamwork, and more. And finally, part-time work can give children a chance to see the real world - life is not as easy as they think in real life. As a result, through such experiences, they may learn to become self-reliant and learn to become more responsible social members.
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1. 对一个孩子的教育从不仅仅是知识和基础技能的学习。它包含了教导下一代如何成为对社会更有用的人。因此,教育不仅仅是父母的责任。[br]A children's education has never been learning information and basic skill only.It always include teaching the next generate how to be a useful member of society.[br]Therefor,this is not responsibility of parents only.[br]2[br]3. 友情从没有像今天这样珍贵过,因为它是我们很容易忽视的东西,尤其是当我们生活在一个“金钱至上”的[br]物质世界里。讽刺的是,很多人只有在缺钱的时候才会向朋友求助。这会伤害友情么?撇开人人都知道的谚[br]语“患难见真情”不说,我确实认为债务可能会造成一些问题,甚至影响友情[br]Friendship,something easy to ignore,it never be precious as nowdays.Especially when we live in an world that money get priority.[br]Ironiclly,many people seek help from their friends when they are lacking of money only. Does it hurt our's friendship?For my perspective,[br]debt would cause some problems even hurt friendship,without the old saying gose"A friend in need is a friend indeed".[br]4 Students enjoying a better enviromentof study when the teaching attachments is advance.[br]These teaching attachment include the equipments in classroom,such as projectors,electronic screens;[br]And equipment in lab,like microscopes and chemical reactors.With the help of these equipments,learning[br]wouldn't only a pocess which is boring and repeating,but a acceptable way for everyone.Theorems of [br]chemistry and physics make a deep impression when students experimentalize by these equipments.[br]Therefor,more talents get train and contribute to the development of country.