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托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 12
#托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 12# 【作业一】
1. A be what B should do.
2. B be supposed to do A.
3. A is one of B’s responsibilities.
1. Undoubtly, studying is what college should do.
2. College is supposed to do study.
3. Studying is one of research’s responsibilities.
Famous professors can provide better scientific conditions for students so that it is better for students’ study. For instance, I had a geophysics class which was taught by a famous professor. The professor said that he had set up the best team, at the same time, he also had experimental room in Peking University and Beijing University. I could understand clearly what he taught us about the subject. And also, he encouraged students to do research and provided the best condition for students. If there are no famous professors, it is hard to achieve these.
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【作业一】(名人效应)[br]如今,许多人对我们社会的道德败坏感到惋惜,但那些出名的教授愿意凭借自己无所畏惧的勇气,力量和行动来逐步改变现状。[br]【作业二】[br]另外,有名的教授多半是博学和洞察力的,所以他们不仅可以给学生大量的学术指导,而且对这些年轻人也有积极的影响。 大学也应该成为强调德育的地方。 如今,许多人对我们社会的道德败坏感到惋惜,但只有那些出名的教授愿意凭借自己无所畏惧的勇气,力量和行动来逐步改变现状。 在知识丰富的教授的教导下,学生可以在学术上和道德上都变得优秀。[br]【作业三】[br]请分别用下列句型翻译这句话:毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。[br]1. A be what B should do.[br]2. B be supposed to do A.[br]3. A is one of B’s responsibilities.[br]Doing research is what a college should do.[br]The college is supposed to do research.[br]Doing research is one of the college’s responsibilities.[br]【作业四】[br]请将你在作业二中写的理由段翻译成英文。[br]Besides, prominent professors are, more often than not, erudite and hole-minded, so they can not only impart a great deal of academic instruction to students but also exert positive influence on those young people. It is true that university should also be a place where moral education is emphasized. Nowadays, many people deplore the moral degradation of our society, however, only those prominent professors attempt to use their courage, power and action to gradually change the current situation. Under the impart of those knowledgeable and upright professors, students can become excellent both academically and morally. [br]
观点】[br]对大学而言,花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]【理由】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。[br]【例子】[br]钱学森在回国之前已经是加州理工学院著名教授,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。[br]【理由段】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。从这一角度来看,如果著名教授对科研更有用,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要的作用。所以,我认为花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]【作业一】[br]建国初期,中国科研设施落后,但是由于一些著名教授回国,带来先进的科研技术,为中国的科研事业做出了巨大贡献。请根据提示,仿照上述例子再举出一个例子。[br]我大学的老师在回国后,用国外先进的技术,促进了我们学校生物科学的发展。[br]【作业二】[br]请结合观点、理由,以及你写的例子,仿照上述理由段重写一个理由段,说明为什么对大学而言花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。从这一角度来看,如果著名教授对科研更有用,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。我大学的老师在回国后,用国外先进的技术,促进了我们学校生物科学的发展。[br]【作业三】[br]请分别用下列句型翻译这句话:毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。[br]1. A be what B should do.[br]2. B be supposed to do A.[br]3. A is one of B’s responsibilities.[br]Seeking truth is what schools should do[br]Schools are supposed to do research[br]Researching is one of school’s responsibilities.[br]【作业四】[br]请将你在作业二中写的理由段翻译成英文。[br]Famous professors are more important to the research. Researching is one of school’s responsibilities. At this aspect, famous professors play a more crucial part in universities than facilities do. My teacher came to my school with the latest foreign technology. He used his knowledge to promote our school’s biology science to a high standard.[br][br]
作业一:[br]数学家华罗庚当时放弃了美国优渥的待遇,回国后在当时经济落后的条件下,潜心于教学,培育了后来数位著名的数学家。[br]作业二[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事情。从这一角度看,如果著名教授对科研更有用,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更有用。数学家华罗庚在美国放弃了优渥的待遇,回国后在当时经济落后的条件下,开创了中国数学学派,并培育了后来数位著名的数学家。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要作用。所以我认为,花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]作业三[br]1.undoubtedly, doing research well is what universities should do.[br]2. there is no doubt, universities are supposed to do a good job in research.[br]3. undoubtedly, doing research well is one of universities' responsibilities[br]作业四[br]Comparing with improving facilities, hiring famous professors is more beneficial for the research. Undoubtedly, doing research well is what universities should do. From this angle of view, if famous professors are important for the scientific research, it means that hiring famous professors is important for universities. Mathematician Loo-Geng Hua gave up the bountiful job in America but to back to China, who created the Chinese mathematics school and proposed many theories vital in international, while cultivated some famous mathematicians afterwards in a humble economics. This example is right illustrated that famous professors play a critical role in scientific research. So I insist that spending money to hire famous professors is more significant than improving facilities. [br]
【作业一】[br]钱学森在回国之前已经是加州理工学院著名教授,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。[br]【作业二】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。从这一角度来看,如果著名教授对科研更有用,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要的作用。所以,我认为花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br][br]【作业三】[br]请分别用下列句型翻译这句话:毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。[br]Beyond doubt that doing the scientific effort is what universities should do.[br]There is no doubt that universities are supposed to complete scientific research.[br]Completing scientific research is one of universities’ responsibilities[br]【作业四】[br]Compared with the improvment of school facilities, hiring famous porfessors is more helpful for scientific reseach activities. There is no doubt that universities are supposed to complete scientific research. From this point of view, if famous professors are more useful for scientific research, it means hiring famous professors is more important to University. Xuesen Qian, a famous formor professor of California Institute of Technology,with the equipments were all obvously infeiror to foreignl situation, led Chinese researchers to develop Chinese first atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite, shocked the whole world. This is an example of how famous professors play a more important role in scientific research. So I think it's more important to hire famous professors than to improve school facilities.