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#托福听力第一节# 听力第一节课作业 智能训练Task1
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1.Let's turn our focus now to advertising.[br]现在,让我们将注意力转向广告[br]2.We all know what an advertisement is. [br]我们都知道广告是什么[br]3.It's essentially a message that announces something for sale. [br]它是一种宣传售卖某种东西的基本信息[br]4.Now there's an important precondition that must exist before you have advertising, and that's a large supply of consumer goods, that is, things to sell. [br]在你有广告之前必须存在一个重要的前提,就是有充足的消费商品即东西以供售卖[br]5.You see in a place where the demand for a product is greater than the supply, there is no need to advertise. [br]你看在比起供应产品需求更巨大的地方是不需要广告的[br]6.Now the earliest forms of advertising going back many hundreds of years with a simple sign over shop doors that told you whether the shop was a bakery, a butcher shop or what have you. [br]现在广告的最早形式可回溯到百年之前在商店门上简单的标记,它能告诉你商店是否是面包店肉店或者能给你什么。[br]7.Then with the advent of printing press, advertising increased substantially. [br]然后,随着印刷机的到来,广告充分地增加了[br]8.Ads for products like coffee, tea and chocolate appeared in newspapers and other periodicals, as well as on the sides of building. [br]像咖啡、茶和巧克力等产品的广告出现在报纸和其他报刊上也出现在建筑的侧面上。[br]9.In the American colonies, advertising and communications media like newspapers and pamphlets became a major factor in marketing goods and services. [br]在美国殖民地,像报纸和宣传册之类的广告和传媒变成了商场和服务中的主要因素。[br]10.By modern standards, these early advertisements were quite small and subdued, not as splashy, whole page spread of today. [br]以现代标准来看,这些早期的广告是相当小和冷清的,并不是引人注目和现在一样无处不在