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Summary in recent years, research has become more of a closed score, points from [br]closed curves in space points to the closed space closed surface integral has [br]many solutions appear, such as the Gauss formula green formula for solving [br]contour integral which have a very wide range of applications. It is easy to [br]know the significance of contour integral, we determine the direction of this [br]article. This contour integral conducted research and provides an overview of [br]the history, then our contour integrals of Cauchy integral theorem using new [br]methods to prove that, then the theorem was promoted significance research on [br]generalization of the Cauchy integral theorem. Then, we will be in definite [br]integrals and Cauchy integral theorem of mathematical equations to be applied, [br]studied using residue theorem and Cauchy integral theorem to solve problems of [br]mathematics and physics, and gives you the appropriate examples, making these [br]theorems in the application can be simple to understand. At the same time, also [br]the residue theorem and Cauchy integral theorem combined with the series [br]expansion, study their use in solving the practical problems, this article [br]examined the use of multiple Fourier series, and used progression and integrals [br]of Cauchy integral theorem problem. Main research contents of this article are [br]organized around the residue theorem and Cauchy integral theorem, so this study [br]on contour integral can be converted into a study of complex integration.[br]