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#托福口语方法课第二节# We live on the earth .
The environment of earth is getting worse and worse.
The water pollution is one big problem, so is the air pollution.
What a serious problem we are facing with
We have responsibility to improve the environment of earth which we live in.
A environmental scientist can help improve the environment.
Isn't it interesting to research the unknown things.
How to keep the environmental in balance is one problem I desire solving.
So I prefer to be a environmental scientist.
May the environment get better in the future.

I like to learn independently.
Studying independently can keep me in silence and make me focus on my job.,while attending big classes which is noisy can made me feel uneasy.
I prefer to staying in library instead of be in the big class where I can learn with a lot of people around.
I like a silent environment.
Don't you feel that you can learn better will there is no others around you?
More focused you can be while you study alone.
Studying alone can also build your skill to learn by yourself alone which is important in your future learning.
Studying in big class will make you rely on help from others.
Learning alone can make you learn more things than studying with a lot of people around you.
May you have fun when you study alone.

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