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#托福口语方法课第二节# 不忍直视, 想不出新词, 写不出句子. 估计错了一堆, 明天还得改改各种错.
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environmental scientist’s rewarding: mind sharp, ability to simplify, travel, see a lot of new things, hobby, beauty of nature.[br]1. Being an environmental scientist is a dream of me.[br]2. I need to analysis plenty of data, which can make me have the ability to simplify complicated things[br]3. I can travel a lot of places.[br]4. Though my salary may not be fat, the work I’m doing can do good to the environment of our planet.[br]5. When I observe the environment, I can see the beauty of nature.[br]6. My mind can be sharp, owing to seek for the insights behind phenomenon.[br]7. Don’t you think measure the humidity in the jungle can be a lot of fun?[br]8. The activity in nature can make me see a lot of wonders that may never be forgotten in my entire life.[br]9. I am also a doctor to nature, which makes me feel proud.[br]10. I can be focus when I’m thinking, and concentration is one of a great quality of human.[br]choose independent learning with very few people around: quiet, easy to focus, bother others, places, mind wondering, can’t read.[br]1. I prefer independent learning because the environment is quiet.[br]2. In a quiet environment I can be more effective to learn.[br]3. I like studying with a computer, and I don’t worry my typing sound can bother others so much.[br]4. If I study with many people, my mind can be wandering easily.[br]5. It’s hard to learn for me when there are many people around me.[br]6. I can be more concentrate when I study alone.[br]7. There are no people talking around, or discussing questions.[br]8. I can more places to study, that means I can have one desk to put my computer and another to put my books and my cup.[br]9. I can walk around when I am thinking of a hard problem.[br]10. I like places where a few people around. [br]