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#托福口语方法课第二节# 方法学到了,知道怎么去作品这个东西,现在做的就是慢慢的积累,慢慢去学会造句,加油吧
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托福 3.0 方法课作业
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1)If you could choose any job in the world, which of the following job would be the most rewarding for you,a university professor,an environmental scientist or a newspaper journalist?[br]① Choosing among university professor, environmental scientist and newspaper journalist, my preference is university professor.[br]② As far as I am concerned, university professor is such an excellent job that it can bring a great sense of achievement to people.[br]③ It can pay psychological rewards for person who do this job.[br]④ For instance, my aunt is a university professor who loved her job very much, she enjoy the work time with her students and always feel tremendous satisfaction, especially when they overcome the difficulties in their research field.[br]⑤ Besides, in my point of view, university professor is the most rewarding career because of two long holidays.[br]⑥ They can utilize the two holidays to do many things, such as tour, sports or other things which can release their working pressure. (job stress) [br]⑦ The university professor can have higher social status than many other careers in our country, thus they play an important role in society and gain great respect from other people ,all of those can bring the most rewarding for university professors.[br]⑧ Besides, the salary of this job is also high enough to satisfy the requirements in daily life.[br]⑨ The university professors always do research by themselves or with their students, therefore, they don’t need to handle complicated interpersonal relations.(deal with complex relationships) [br]⑩ From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that the university professor is the most rewarding job compared with environmental scientists and newspaper journalists.[br]2)Some people like to attend big classes and study with a lot of people around, others choose independent learning with very few people around. Which way of learning works better for you? Why? Include specific details in your response.[br]① From my point of view, I’d like to attend big classes and study with lots of people.[br]② My viewpoint is based on the following reasons and examples.[br]③ Big classes can create a good learning atmosphere, imagining the scene: other students focus on their projects, there is no problem that I will dedicate all my attention to studying.[br]④ If we meet some problems, we can help each other. Even if one student can’t solve the problem, whereas in big class, we can seek help from other classmate until settling the difficulties. [br]⑤ Large-scale class teaching can from a competitive academic environment, thus, we must work hard to make sure that we wouldn’t fall behind anyone.[br]⑥ The advantages of studying with few people are as following.[br]⑦ We can easily draw teacher’s attention, and seek help from teacher to solve some problems.[br]⑧ There will be a quiet environment for me to dedicate all my attention to learning.[br]⑨ The forms of studying can be more abundant than big class, for example, we can hold a seminar to solve the academic problems efficiently.[br]⑩ Fewer teachers are needed to achieve the same small-class-size effect.[br]
1.If I could choose any job of the three, guess what I will choose? [br]2.Of course, a university professor![br]3.You may wonder why?[br]4.Because it will create more opportunity to interact with students, most of whom are the young, which can benefit me on with two aspects, my academic study and my daily live life. [br]5.Students can always think of many novel ideas which can would inspire me if I happen to meet some challenges on in my personal study.[br]6.For example, if I am mathematics professor and struggling with a puzzle.[br]7.During a discussion with my students, I may have a ton of inspiration.[br]8.Being a professor would makes have a profound profounder effect for my whole life,[br]9.Nowadays, most of the seniors, and even some of the mid-aged people, refuse to accept more advanced ideas contradicting their original ones, which will result in an increasingly wide generation gap.[br]10.Keeping in touch with my students, I can update my concepts at once, and you know, a senior with a youngster’s mindset is super cool! [br]1.This is a heated debate all the time.[br]2.Some people may claim that learning in a big class is better for some reasons such as having a good learning atmosphere[br]3.However, I am totally of the opinion that the smaller the class size, the better quality of education.[br]4.Would you like to know why?[br]5.Firstly, it is easy for a teacher to manage just a few students.[br]6.For example, when a student almost falls asleep during the class, the teacher can remind him (or her ��) in time without being worried about if this action wastes the time of so many other students.[br]7.Besides, fewer students, less noise![br]8.Also, there are usually some impulsive students in a big class who asks questions without thinking, and of course, the questions they mentions are all immature.[br]9.Taking courses with just a few people, on the other hand, allows the teacher to pose high-qualified questions.[br]10.Therefore, a small class is evidently more effective and efficient.[br]