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托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 5
#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 5# Currently,travelling abroad become popular among the people with well-developed transportation.If financial conditions and time permit,allo of us wish to wale around to see the world.For me ,i prefer to travel abroad when i was young.
You can learn about other countries living habits through travelling abroad.You also can see some interesting sight during the journey.This is a good chance for open your mind.For example,my neighbor is studying painting.She often draw her pictuer in the studio all day.Once she got a chance to visit the Switzerland that she opened her mind.She saw many interesting thing and good scenery.When she came back,her painting ability has been greatly raising. Now she has become a minor celebrity painter.She once told me she almost give up painting before travelling abroad.Because she thinks she is not fit for the painting.So i think young people crave for opening their mind more than old people do.Because campared with old people,young people lack more experience and life experiences.
Although travelling abroad is of great fun,it will consume a lot of strength and energy.Young people have enough stamina can play all day.But old people easy to feel tired.For instance,my mother took my grandma to travel Japan last year.There are a lot of plans in Japan everyday.My mother had enough energy to play all day.But my grandma felt tired in the afternoon.Compare with old people,young people can have enough strength and energy to do anything.In conclude,I prefer to travel abroad when i was young.
In a word,i think young people crave for opening their mind .Travelling abroad is a good way.Although travelling abroad is of great fun,it will consume a lot of stamina.The young have a better body condition than the old people.That's why i prefer travel abroad when i was young.
Admittedly,some people hold the option that travelling abroad at an old age would be better,on account of having more free time.For me,physical strength will be diminish by time.And travelling abroad will become a kind of torture for me.That's why i prefer to travel abroad when i was young.
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随着人们生活水平的提高,出国旅游越来越受人们的喜爱。只要经济和时间允许,我们都希望可以出去看看这个世界。对我来说,我更喜欢年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]与年长的人而言,年轻人缺乏足够的社会的经验和阅历,不能有效地处理遇到的问题。通过出国旅游,我们能够增长自己的见识。比如,我的同学Jack有一次去国外旅游时,见识到国外的先进的科技之后,获得了灵感,为长期不能解决的问题提供了思路。在回国之后,努力钻研,提升自己的能力,最后成功制造了一个完美的作品,收获了一份高薪酬的工作。[br]再者,出国旅游需要一个好的身体。出国旅游虽然很好玩儿,但是也很耗费体力和精力。年轻时体力好可以好好玩,年纪大了出去旅游就不太方便。去年暑假的时候,我和妈妈带外婆去迪拜游览观光。当地地处热带沙漠地区,气候比较炎热干燥。由于外婆的身体不太好,无法适应当地的环境,就取消了许多户外活动的行程。在年轻的时候出国旅游是一个好机会,当你老了,身体状况不如从前,无法尽兴的去玩耍。因此,年轻的时候出国旅游是一个更佳的选择。[br]有些人认为我们年纪大了再出国旅游更好,因为那时候空闲时间多,但是对我来说,年纪大了会更希望跟家人在一起,享受天伦之乐。而且在国外人生地不熟的,不太安全,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]总得来说,年轻时候的自己更需要增长见识,出国旅游是很好的途径。而且,出国旅游也需要好的身体。就自己而言,年轻时候的身体状况会更好,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br][br]With the betterment of people’s living standard, traveling abroad is becoming a superior for more and more people. If time and financial conditions permit, we wish to walk around to see the world. Traveling abroad at a young age is preferable for me.[br]Compared with the old, the young lack more enriching social experience, coping badly with problems encountered in our daily life. Traveling to foreign countries, we can enrich our knowledge. For example, my classmate, Jack, traveling to foreign countries once time, acquired foreign advanced technology knowledge, which made him to gain inspiration, providing idea for the issue that can’t be surmount for a long time. When he went back home, he challenged himself by making great effort, making a perfect production at last and gaining a high pay job.[br]Furthermore, traveling to foreign countries need a good physical condition. Although traveling to foreign countries is of great fun, it will consume stamina and energy. You can eanjoy yourself when you are young while it’s not convenient if you become older. Last summer vocation, I and my mother took my grandmother to Dubai for traveling. Local is located in tropical desert areas, the climate is hot and dry. Because my grandmother’s condition is uncomfortable, she couldn’t adapt the local environment, canceling a lot of outdoor activities. Traveling abroad is a great chance when you’re young, the older you are, the worser condition you have. This will result in losing the chance to enjoy yourself to the all. Therefore, Traveling abroad is a better option.[br]Admittedly, some people hold the view that it’s betterment of traveling abroad when you old, on account of having more free time. As for me, I would like to share time with my family at an old age, enjoying the happiness. With the growth of age, our physical condition is becoming worse; it is really unendurable to bear the long time journey. Therefore, Traveling abroad at a young age is preferable for me.[br]All in all, we meet an urgent need to broaden our horizon at a young age. Traveling to foreign countries is an excellent method. Moreover, traveling abroad need a good physical condition. As for me, I hold that you’ll have a better physical status when you are young. Therefore, Traveling abroad at a young age is my preference.[br]
【作业一】[br]现在,由于科技地进步,交通越来越方便,出国旅行也越来越流行。只要经济和时间许可,人们都希望可以出国欣赏不同国家的风景。对我来说,相对于年老时出国,我更喜欢年轻的时候出去。[br]年轻人比老年人更需要出国,因为他们需要为他们的未来就业等积攒尽可能多的知识。他们需要与时俱进地掌握前沿的知识,为了适应时代的快速发展。出国旅游可以了解其他国家的经济形态,科技发展状况,是增长见识的好机会。比如,越来越多的大学生会选择出国深造,因为在国外,特别是某个领域很厉害的国家,他们会接触到相关领域最前沿的知识,但是如果在国内未必会听说。随着知识的增多,他们解决问题的思路会更灵活、更有效率,从而他们与其他学生相比有更好的能力。[br]年轻人比老年人更适合出国旅游还有体力和精力方面的原因。出国旅游虽然好玩,但是也很消耗体力和精力。年轻人的身体素质普遍比老年人好,他们可以在旅行中做任何想做的事。但是老年人由于体力、疾病等原因,他们在旅游中可以做的事情是相对有限的,他们的活动仅限于看风景、拍照,很少有老年人会在旅游中尝试滑雪、蹦极、爬山等项目,他们甚至连旅行时的吃食都要注意。由于这些限制,老年人很难在旅行中享受乐趣,体会不懂地区的文化。[br]虽然有些人提倡等年纪大了再去出国,因为那时候有更多的空闲时间。对许多人来说,年纪大了会更希望和家人在一起,并且出国旅游要注意的事情太多,比如饮食、安全等,很难享受旅游的乐趣。因此,我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]总之,年轻时出国旅游是增长知识很好的途径。而且出国旅游也需要好的身体。就自己而言,年轻的时候身体状况会更好一些,会更容易在旅途中玩得开心,因此推荐年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]【作业二】[br]Currently, the transportation system gets increasingly convenient due to the booming of scientific development and it make foreign trips more prevailing. Since my physical situation would stay in a decent condition, provided with sufficient time and money, I wish to walk around at a young age. Two reasons will be illustrated below.[br]Youngsters tend to crave for opportunities to travel abroad than the elderly do. In order to accommodate with the rapid development of the era, they are supposed to learn or be excellent at the advanced knowledge, especially in their major area. Having trips abroad is a fabulous opportunity for them to learn the economic situation, even the technological progress of the countries, which would like to study further abroad in some periods. Maybe one of the reasons is that going abroad would contact some advanced knowledge more frequently, especially countries that develop those certain majors well. As they accumulated the progressive knowledge, they are most likely to solve the problems with more flexible and efficient methods. Hence, they would have an outstanding capacity than other students, which does them favor in further education or career development.[br]Furthermore, that youngsters are more pertinent to travel abroad is attributable to personal stamina and energy. Interesting as it is, having vacations abroad will need consumption of stamina and energy. It has been universally recommended that physical quality of youngsters is much better than that of the senior citizens. Hence, youngsters would do almost everything they want during the trip. On the contrary, the activities of the elderly are relatively limited resulting from their stamina and health condition. Specifically, senior citizens could do nothing except appreciate the landscapes or take photos. Not only wouldn't they attempt to ski or climb mountains, but they are assumed to lay more emphasis on low-fat diet. The limitations mentioned above bring about the consequence that the elderly would not enjoy their trips as youngsters do.[br]Still, since there will be more time available, some people advocate traveling abroad when getting older.However, for many people, they would be more pleasant to live with their families after having experienced quantities of overwhelming work at their young age. In addition, there would be considerable considerations for senior citizens to lay emphasis on, such as diet and security, which would be a defect couldn't be overlooked. What set forth would be perfectly demonstrated having overseas trips at a young age is preference for me.[br]In summary, walking around at a young age is an excellent access to acquire abundant knowledge and it calls for vigorous physical situation. That's why I strongly recommend traveling abroad at a young age instead of when getting older.
【作业一】[br]现如今,旅游是很多人都喜爱的放松心情的方式,经济的发展也给游客带来了更多的选择,因此,国外旅游成为了越来越多游客的选择,不同的文化不同的风景是如此的吸引人。对我来说,我更喜欢年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]年轻人比老年人更需要增长见识。出国旅行可以体会到其他国家的文化精华,人文,是增长见识的好机会。比如,我姐姐是个商人,她有一次去日本玩,吃了很多日本美食,都特别好吃,特别是寿司。她回来之后就自己开了一家寿司店,引进了日本的厨师,因为寿司特别地道,所以现在生意特别好。她常常感叹要不是年轻时增长了见识,自己可能就不能获得现在的成功。在我看来,经历的越多越成熟。[br]其次,出国旅游需要好的身体。出国旅游虽然很好玩儿,但是也很耗费体力和精力。年轻时体力好可以好好玩,年纪大了出去旅游就不太方便。去年我们一家人去泰国玩,东西很好吃,风景很美。但是奶奶因为年纪大了,忍受不了泰国的温度,不能吃酸,不能吃生鲜,也没有那么多精力,错过了很多美景和美食。年轻的时候身体更好,更能适应不一样的环境,也更能接受比平时多一些的运动量。等我老了,即使我想做做很多很好玩的事,但我做不了,会成为遗憾。[br]有人认为年纪大了再出国更好,因为那个时候就有更多的钱供自己去玩。但是对于我来说,如果我没那么多钱,我会选择一个旅游稍微便宜一点的国家或者尽量节省一些。另外钱是可以解决的问题,身体不好是不太容易解决的问题。所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]总而言之,二十多岁是最需要增长见识的年纪,而且出国旅行是一项需要好身体去体验的活动,绝大部分人的二十多岁都是身体最好精力最旺盛的时候,所以我偏爱年轻的时候出国旅行。[br]【作业二】[br]Nowadays, having a trip has been a large number of people's way to ease themselves. And the growth of finical conditions bring out plenty more and more selections for tourists. The foreign dissimilar civilization and customs are such fascinating and attractive for everyone. Furthermore, traveling abroad has become more and more visitors' choice. Personally speaking, it is preferable for me to travel overseas.[br]Young people carve for opening the mind than older people do. The travel of foreign country is a scarce opportunity to experience the other countries' essence of culture and customs. For instance, my sister is a businessman. On one occasion, she traveled in Japan, and she enjoyed plenty of Japanese delicacies, especially the sushi. After she came back, she set up a sushi shop. It is worthy to mention that she invited two Japanese sushi chefs. Her shop becomes the most welcome store in our place on account of the authentic sushi. She always points out the experience of Japan is so rewarding that she could make such a success. As far as I am concerned, the more situation we come though, the more mature we will be. [br]Secondly, travel to foreign countries requires great health. Interesting as it is, travel to foreign countries will need consumption of physical strength and energy. When we get older, we are too old to enjoy the journey. Last year, my family went to Thailand. Thailand is a marvelous country. But my grandma can not bear the temperature ,sour food and the quantity of motion. She spent most of her time in rest. when we are young, we can adjust dissimilar surroundings, we can endure more amount of exercise. When I get old, even though I want to experience, I can not enjoy it by my infirm body. [br]Some people hold the point that traveling overseas at a older age is a preferable choice. Because in that time, we will have enough money for us to enjoy the journey. But the way I see it, if I can not have adequate money to travel best, I will choose to visit some less-expense place or cut down on my cost. In addition, money is a problem that I can solve, nevertheless, unhealthy body is not very likely to settle down. Consequently, Traveling overseas at a young age is my preference.[br]All in all, we are most needful in our twenties to expand our awareness. Besides, having a journey in foreign countries require a healthy body. Most people's twenties are the most energetic time. Therefore, experiencing a overseas trip in young age is my preference.
现在,出国变得越来越方便,出国旅游也慢慢变成了一种趋势。年轻人和老年人都希望能够出去多看看这个世界。对我而言,我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]二十多岁的我们刚刚从学校毕业,对世界的了解还停留在书本里。我们需要增长见识,去了解他国文化。比如,我的朋友Amy喜欢写作,可是在她的作品中对国外生活的描述总是不够吸引人,读者反映说这些描述令人感到无聊。所以她绝定亲自到国外体验生活,并与当地居民共同生活了一段时间。这段旅行帮助了她了解了真正的国外文化和生活,她想出了新的写作思路,并最终写出了令人称赞的描述。我们读过后也产生了想要出去看看这个不一样的世界的想法,想信增长见识一定可以帮助到以后的发展。[br]其次,出国旅游需要好的身体。排满的行程需要好的体力和精力来完成,刺激的游玩项目也需要有一个好的身体才可以去玩。去年,我跟团出国旅游,同行的还有一对老夫妻。我们的行程中有爬山,滑雪等项目,我们去玩的时候他们就只能在休息区等着,到了晚上就提前回宾馆休息,不能享受夜晚的派对。我觉得这样的旅行会有一些遗憾,要是等到老了再出去,我一定会后悔为什么年轻的时候没有去,所以我喜欢在年轻的时候出国。[br]可能有人会认为年纪大了再出国旅游会更好,因为那时候空闲时间多。可是在我看来,年纪大了我会更希望在家里待着,养好身体。去国外旅途遥远,身体容易劳累生病,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]总而言之,出国旅游可以帮助我们在年轻的时候拓宽视野,增长见识,并且年轻的时候身体健康,更适合出国旅游,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br][br]Nowadays, going abroad is getting more and more convenient, so it is becoming a trend to travel to foreign countries. Young people and elderly people are willing to walk around.For me, I prefer to travel to foreign countries at a young age.[br]In our twenties,we have just graduated from universities, and we learned this world only from books.But we need to obtain more experience,to learn different cultures in different countries.As an example,my friend Amy is a writer,but in her works the descriptions about foreign life are not impressing,she decided to go abroad and live for some days. She made many locator friends ,that trip helped her a lot.Finally,she came out a new thought,and wrote out so impressing words that we also want to go out and see this world.[br]Interesting as it is, traveling abroad need consumption of physical strength and energy. A full traveling schedule need a good body to accomplish, so do play items.Last year, I traveled abroad with a group,there was an old couple.Our schedule contains some exciting items such as climbing and skiing. When we were having fun,they just sat there at the rest area. In the evening they just return to the hotel in advance to rest ,couldn't enjoy the party at night. I think such trip will have regret. If I wait till old then travel abroad, I'm sure I'll be regret not to go when I was young, so I prefer travel abroad when I'm young.[br]Some people would agree that traveling to foreign countries at a older age is better, for the reason that we will get more spare time. However, in my opinion, when I 'm old, I'd like to stay home and try to keep fit. It is a really long way to travel abroad, I will be exhausted and even sick, that's a terrible thing, so I prefer to travel to foreign countries at a young age.[br]In a word, it helps to broaden our horizons and gain experience to travel to foreign countries. When we're young, our good health may assure a good trip, so I prefer to travel to foreign countries when I'm young.
Homework 1[br]现在,交通越来越方便,出国旅游也越来越流行,只要经济和时间允许,我们都希望可以出去看看这个世界。对我来说,我更喜欢年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]对二十几岁的年轻人来说,我们更需要增长知识。出国旅游可以让我们看到与平时接触的不一样的世界。年轻人生机勃勃,可以更好地选择适合自己的路。例如,我从小到大从来没想过出国读书,但是我在中国的教育系统里摸爬滚打十几年并没有取得理想的成绩令我心灰意冷。在几年前我有幸去美国上了一次夏令营,发现美国的教育方式和中国的不同但是很适合我,于是我有了学习的动力,并且学的一帆风顺,如鱼得水。我认为年轻的时候出去走走,可以增加人生阅历,对我们未来发展有利。[br]其次,出国旅游需要好的身体。出国旅游虽然好玩,但是也很耗费体力和精力。年纪轻身体好,而年纪大了会担心会引起身体不适。几年前我去美国探亲,我大姨每到节假日就带我出去浪,去游乐场坐过山车,在小区的游泳池戏水。但我外婆年纪大了,不能进行剧烈运动,只能在小区里散散步,浇浇花。年轻可以多玩玩,老了就不敢玩了,徒给自己留遗憾,所以我喜欢年轻的时候出去玩。[br]有些人认为我们年纪大了在出国旅游更好,因为那时候空闲时间多,但对我来说,年纪大了会希望跟家人在一起,享受天伦之乐。而且在国外人生地不熟的,不太安全,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]总的来说,年轻的时候自己更需要长见识,出国旅游是很好的途径。而且,出国旅游也需要好的身体。就自己而言,年轻时候状况会更好,所以我更喜欢在年轻的时候出国旅游。[br]Homework 2[br]Nowadays, the traffic has become more and more convenient; Traveling abroad has become more and more modern. If economy and time permit, all of us wish to walk around to view this world. To me, I prefer to travel at a young age.[br]First, young people who are only twenties crave for broadening views and expanding knowledge more than elder people; travelling to foreign countries can give them chances to touch a different and unusual world. Youth are full of vigor so that they are willing to choose a suitable way for future. For instance, growing from a infant to a teenager, I never used to think about studying further abroad; however, the ten-year grope in Chinese education system does not help me achieve perfect scores; that makes me downhearted. Fortunately, I took part in a summer camp a few years before, I realized that American educational mode is distinct with Chinese one, but it is quite suitable for me. Consequently, I found the motive power and worked hardly just like a fish getting in to the water. According to my example, I deem that travelling abroad when people are young can accumulate the life experience; it is good for intending growth.[br]Second, it is important to have fine body when traveling to foreign countries. Although travelling abroad is of great fun, it will consume physical power and vigor. People have healthy bodies when they are young, yet aged people always worry that excessive exercise might cause their bodies indisposed. I traveled to visit my aunt few years before; she loved me ardently and took me playing outside every festival and holiday; she drove me to play roller coaster and invited me to play water in the community swimming pole. My grandmother desired for having fun with me, but she had become elder so that she could not exercise strenuously. Therefore, she had to take a walk around the house or water flowers at home. People can travel under the cover of young; do not leave pity behind when our bodies are too old to amuse ourselves; that is the reason why I prefer to travel when I am still a juvenile.[br]Some people argue that travelling to foreign countries at an old age is better, because elder people have more free time. Despite of that, to me, elderly prefer to stay with their families and enjoy the remained life. In addition, we do not understand the languages and cognize the routes clearly; it is not secure for us to travel if we are old. Therefore, I prefer to travel abroad when I am young.[br]In general, it is more necessary to gain experience when we are young; traveling to foreign countries is a good method. In addition, we need to have a healthy body if we want to travel. As far as I am concerned, our bodies are better when we are young, o that is why I would like to travel at a young age.[br]