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#托福口语方法课第二节# 脑洞大起来吧~感觉自己写的很渣,还要借助答案
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As far as I am concerned, a newspaper journalist is the most rewarding job.[br]A newspaper journalist is a job which can expose some invisible truths and impressive news.[br]Nowadays our society needs media help to supervise officials, government and our society operation.[br]When people are in low-spirit, they get enough information and some encouraging facts in newspaper to bounce back and acquire methods to succeed.[br]What’s more, journalists are also active on some dangerous battlefield and poor district in order to reveal the economic and political conditions.[br]I am an art student, so compared with professor and scientist, journalist is preferable.[br]I am crazy about traveling, so being a journalist may give me the chance that I could travel all around the world.[br]It is easier to help others in need if you are a journalist because your opinion could be made public immediately.[br]To be a journalist, we need to be brave enough, objective and careful.[br]Is there a job more challenging than journalist?[br]Imaging you active on the battleground, how cool it is![br]When you are in dilemma, I think you will think of a journalist, won’t you?[br]Hope I can be a newspaper journalist.[br]In my opinion, attending big classes and studying with a lot of people around works better.[br]First of all, studying in big class means that you have little chance to be asked to answer some questions, so I feel quite relaxed.[br]In a big class I can have more classmates to communicate with, so I can acknowledge different ideas.[br]Because of so many students in one class, professors tend to prepare their lecture more carefully.[br]The more accuracy lectures are, the more efficiency for us to get knowledge.[br]Actually, sometimes I may get tired in class, and in a big class I can get some rest.[br]In college life, friends are in need. So in big class, making friend is easier for us.[br]Having friends in the same class is very important, because we can exchange our opinions and do homework together after class.[br]In a big class, you can see many students buried in books, and this will create a good atmosphere.[br]When you miss some points in class, you can check it with your friends, how convenient it is![br]Being asked to answer a question suddenly is always a matter of importance, isn’t it?[br]What could be more interesting and efficiency than studying in a big class?