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#托福口语方法课第二节# 1.If you could choose any job in the world, I would like to be an environmental scientist.
2.I think I can help to protect the environmet if i were a environmental scientist.
3.What a great job that can save the polluted environment !
4.Nowadays, envrionmental protection had became a popular activities,especially to be a environmental scientist.
5.isn't it rewarding to protect the environment?
6.We can also help to save valuable plants.
7.although, this job is difficult,but it is also accomplishment.
8.You must feel proud when you do something that can change human's living environment.
9.university professor and newspaper journalist are both a meaningful job, but environmental scientist is more meaningful.
10. All in all,environmental would be the most rewarding job for me.
1.I prefer attend big classes and study with a lot of people around than independent learning with very few people around.
2.there are many advantages belongs to the classes study.
3.first, you can easily ask for the answer that you didn't know by asking your friends or classmates.
4.If you study alone, you only can find by google.
5.It's so difficult.
6.second, you can urge each other to study hard with your friends.
7.But when you study alone, you may not concentrate.
8.I think it is a good idea to study with your friends.
9.Isn't it better for me?
10.In general, attend big classes and study with a lot of people around is better for me.
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一.If you could choose any job in the world, which of the following job would be the most rewarding for you,a university professor,an environmental scientist or a newspaper journalist?[br]1.Well,I believe being a newspaper journlist is most rewarding for me.[br]2.It creates an easier access for me to Improve social skills[br]3.I have a strong curiosity about new things and always dream to meet or even talk to celebrity,it is an opportunity for me.[br]4.New things always intrigues me,they are attractive in the eyes of me.[br]5..When I am assigned to interview outside ,such experience enables me to develop my expertise in practical skill.[br]6.The dream of meeting celebrity takes roots in my heart. [br]7.I would feel a sense of belonging to people and pride when I disclose some bad guys are doing bad deals[br]8.Is there any other occupation could enable me to be exposed to newthings?[br]9.What a suitable and rewarding position for me.[br]10.In a nutshell,newspaper journalist is the most rewarding occupation for me.[br]二.Some people like to attend big classes and study with a lot of people around, others choose independent learning with very few people around. Which way of learning works better for you? Why? Include specific details in your response.[br]1.Well,as for me,I would like to choose the former.[br]2.It is a good access for me to share updated information with others and a number of people means lots of information I can gain. [br]3.In such circumstance,other classmates and I can be mutually beneficial.[br]4.When I have an opportunity to meet lots of people,I could make new friends and develop my interpersonal skills[br]5.With large number of students solving question,our efficiency of dealing with question could be promoted.[br]6.It is more efficient for me to solve sophisticated question when I helpd by other students.[br]7.Although there can be a lot of distractrions,I can just focus on my acadamic question and this enables me to improve my focusing-ability.[br]8.Is not it efficient for me to solve sophisticated question when I helpd by other students?[br]9.How marvellous if I have a chance to meet new friends.[br]10.All in all,attending a big class is the better way for me.