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#听力兔第 14 期 Day 15# Living longer doesn't necessarily mean living better. That's the lesson from the tiny roundworm called C.elegans, long a workhorse in basic biology lab work. The research is in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, thousands of normal C. elegans competed against strains that live days or weeks longer than their brethren, because of factors like genetic mutations or very low-calorie diets.

But a battery of tests to see how all the older worms moved or responded to stress revealed some hard truths: increased life span did not usually come with a prolonged period of health and strength. Indeed, the "good times" for each of the worms was roughly the same, regardless of their overall life span. In other words, the longer-living worms spent a greater proportion of their lives in a diminished state—with less mobility and stress resistance.

Aging worms are not aging humans. But if the findings do extend to people, then life-extension efforts, such as calorie restriction, may not shake out to a better old age, just more years of frailty, with associated healthcare cost increases and quality of life decreases. The researchers suggest that it's time to start thinking about what they call "health span", and maximizing "healthspan", rather than just tacking on years of poor quality.
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1.XXX长并不就是好,这是从小型的XXX的lesson中得到的,XXX基础科学??? living longer, from the tiny roundworm(蛔虫) called C.elegans, long a workhorse(长久以来的工作主力) 2在研究中,成千上万的?C-elegance与XXX竞争长度和XXX?,因为基因变化的因素,或是其他低的XXXdiet? strains(菌株),brethren(同胞),genetic mutations(基因突变),low-calorie diets(低热量的饮食) 3.但是电池的实验说明了一些年长的蠕虫在电刺激下反映了一些很艰难的事实。 responde to stress(应对压力刺激),hard truth(残酷事实) 4.事实是:被增长的生命期限并不意味着增长的健康期限以及力量。事实上不同生命期的虫子都只有基本一样长度的年轻大号时光,尽管整体的生命时间不同。 5.换句话说,那些活的更长的蠕虫们只是花费了更多的生命时间在那些已经衰竭了的情况中,他们移动缓慢,并且对于外界压力抵抗力不足。 diminished state(衰竭期) 6.然而年长的蠕虫并不同于年老的人类,但是加入我们真的研究人类,XXX、????,生活质量下降。 the findings do extend to people (研究可以延伸适用于人类) then life-extention effort(为延年益寿做的努力),such as calorie restriction, not shake out to a better old age(并不会得到一个更好的晚年生活),frailty(虚弱、弱点),associated healthcare cost increases(相关的医疗服务花费更多) 7.研究员们建议我们去考虑whole span,是整体上的延展生命而并非过一种低生命质量的日子。 maximizing health span(最大化的健康期),tack on(消极的附加了)