#口语喵第 34 期 Day 12# Definitely, working with computers could bring lots of benefits for people. The advantage of using computers is that we can do research and find a lot of information we may be looking for. Other advantages include typing out a document, essay, letter, or a simple birthday card. We can communicate wi...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 13# Many of my friends say that I am a very kind and gentle person, so I think kindness is the quality that makes me likable. Usually, I am very polite to everyone around me, and I say "please" and "thank you" all the time. That provides me with more opportunities to chat with others...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 14# In my family, dish washing was a family responsibility, and everyone, including children who reached a certain age, was expected to learn the proper way to wash dishes. For example, I can remember having to re-do dish washing because I did not get them clean enough the first time. After that, I lear...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 15# This question reminds me of my summer school teacher. He is an excellent professor teaching machine learning, and we share interest in music. After a two-week course, he became both my teacher and friend. We visited many scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing, such like Jingshan Park and South...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 11# Well, people give gifts to one another on lots of occasions, like getting married, having a new baby, or even on a graduation day. But I would like to talk about Chinese lunar new year. What we give to each other varies from family to family. Generally, seniors in the family, like grandparents, aunt...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 10# Well, personally, I think it's a very bad idea to prohibit music in workplace. Actually, listening to music is a very good way for people to release their negative emotions, like sadness, or sorrow, or even anger. Employees might forget about the pressure in life and thus have a higher efficiency in...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 9# Well, personally, I would say school should reward students who are active in doing social volunteer work. However , I am afraid that we have paid too much attention in the areas like sports and academics but downplayed the importance of volunteering. University is the most critical period for stude...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 8# Frankly, I’ve been looking forward to have a bigger family. As a Chinese, I was given birth to in the age of family planning and I’m the only daughter of my parents. However, my mother has 3 sisters and brothers and my father has 2. As I grew up, I gradually discovered that my parents always menti...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 7# Well, this question reminds me of my summer school teacher who came to Beijing this summer. You know, Chinese culture is broad and profound so that we can recommend various souvenirs to foreigners conveniently. So, things that are not only memorable but also suitable for our friends should be the be...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 6# Personally, I couldn’t agree more that zoos help to protect animals. With the environmental change, the original habitats of some species have shifted to different types, which drives these species to the edge of extinction. However, zoo keepers can take care of the animals and ensure their propaga...... 查看全部
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#GRE填空方法课第三节# 一、功能
1.动作的发出者,即主语:dramatic literature;
2.动作的接收者,即宾语:the history of a culture;
三、逻辑[br...... 查看全部
2017-01-23 22:12:22 来自 GRE 方法课作业
#GRE写作方法课第一节# 1.整体而言,GRE写作考察的是批判性思维(Critical Thinking)和分析性写作(Analytical Writing),是在考生为native的前提假设下对考生是否具备大学毕业生应有的能力,可以组织自己的论文和评估他人论证的能力。Toefl写作是在考生为foreigner的前提下对考生基本写作能力的考察。
GRE的作文包括Analyze an Issue和Analy...... 查看全部
2017-01-23 00:01:38 来自 GRE 方法课作业
#GRE阅读方法课第一节# 双星假设认为地球和月球是在小物质的积累中同时形成的,这一假设不能解释为什么和地球铁核占总体积的比值相比,月球铁核占总体积的比值远远较小的问题。根据巨大冲击理论,月球是在地球与一个有火星大小的物体撞击过程中形成的。电脑对这一撞击的模拟显示两个物体在撞击中都会发生融化,碰撞物的密集核心会以融...... 查看全部
2017-01-22 00:06:03 来自 GRE 方法课作业
#GRE填空方法课第二节# 句子分析一:
Coincident with concerns about the accelerating loss of species and habitats has been a growing appreciation of the importance of biological diversity, the number of species in a particular ecosystem, to the health of the Earth and human well-being.
2.句子主干...... 查看全部
2017-01-21 17:58:52 来自 GRE 方法课作业
#GRE填空方法课第一节# 七大问题及解决方案的表格形式整理如图;
2017-01-21 14:05:09 来自 GRE 方法课作业
#口语喵第 34 期 Day 5# There is no denying that my country, China, is facing a serious environmental problem. It is a typical symptom around developing countries that companies seek profits blindly but sacrifice environment. However, over exploitation and pollutant emission have been destroying balance of nature and going...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 4# To be honest, I am not really favor of this statement. Maybe someone consider computer as a learning device for children, but this idea is over-optimistic. Children’s cognitive level is too limited to help them use computers as assisted learning tools. Worse still, adults have difficulties in restr...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 3# Well, my suggestions are as follows. First off, he should correct his subjective attitude. He has to know that everyone is an indispensable part of a group. All the members are supposed to not only make joint efforts but also confront results. That is, he holds a stake in the group. When he realize ...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 34 期 Day 2# Well in my opinion, a good leader should have the following characteristics: first, honesty. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy. A good leader needs to be trusted and known to live his life with honesty and integrity; or in other words, “walk the talk and practice what he preac...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 35 期 Day 1# I would like to talk about an unpleasant experience happened last week. Jason was my classmate from high school. He is one of the close friends of mine. We appointed to have lunch together on Friday. After we sat down, he kept answering phone calls and was busy sending numerous We Chat messages for ...... 查看全部
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