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 I longed to be a postman, because I thought postman had fantastic bicycles,but now, I think even as I was growing up as a young adult, that dream changed significantly。
 even as在这里是什么意思?正当...的时候还是即使? 

I long to be a good teacher and I do want to dig my heels in and do as much as it takes to become successful in my area or my field as a teacher. 
do as much as it takes 怎么用?it takes是一个词组吗?
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2274 同学,下午好哦~~
even as 没有“即使” 的含义哦,这里你是把 even if/though(即使,纵然,尽管) 和 even as (正当,恰恰)给混淆了哦~~ 建议先自己查一下字典,如果还有疑问,我们继续讨论

it takes 不是词组哈,这里是 take 表示“花费” 的用法,比如: 
The journey from London to Oxford takes about an hour and a half. 从伦敦到牛津大约需要一个半小时. 
That cut is taking a long time to heal. 那伤口要很长时间才能愈合. 
It'll take time (ie a long time) for her to recover from the illness. 她的病要很长时间才能痊愈. 
It takes stamina to run a marathon. 跑马拉松要有耐力.
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