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#GRE填空方法课第二节# 1. Coincident with concerns【表语】 about the accelerating loss of species and habitats【定语】
has been【系动词】 a growing appreciation【主语】 of the importance of biological diversity【定语】,
the number of species in a particular ecosystem【同位语】, to the health of the Earth
and human well-being【定语】.
2. In many science fiction films【状语】, the opposition of good and evil【主语】 is portrayed【谓语】
as a struggle between beneficent technology and the errant will of a
depraved intellectual【状语】.
3. The disjunction【主语】 between educational objectives【定语】 that stress independence
and individuality and【连接词】 those that emphasize obedience to rules and
cooperation with others 【定语从句】reflects【谓语】 a conflict【宾语】 that arises from the values on
which these objectives are based.
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