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#召唤陪练狮# The answer key says that the correct answer to question 7 of SAT Official Test 4 Reading Test is B. But how is answer choice D wrong? The passage implies that this expedition is scientifically important because it will expand the range of human knowledge. The author says, "...that the Pole is something difficult or impossible to attain which must nevertheless be sought for, because man is condemned to seek out and know everything whether or not the knowledge gives him pleasure. In short, it is the same unthinking lust for knowledge that drove our First Parents out of the garden." And the passage also suggests that the trip is dangerous: "...I am carried helplessly toward an uninhabited and hostile, or at best indifferent, part of the earth, littered with the bones of explorers and the wrecks of ships, frozen supply caches, messages scrawled with chilled fingers and hidden in cairns that no eye will ever see. Nobody has succeeded in this thing, and many have died."
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