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老师,能不能请问一下作文题目,The competitons between friends always have negative effects on their relationships.
请问一下我这作文可以吗?In an ever-progressing world, people are faced with fierce competition all walks of life. Students have to compete for admission for prestigious high schools or universities, white collars compete for promotion while atheletes compete against each other ferociously since there is only one champion. Some state that people can make friends and continue the friendship in the competition. However, from my point of view, it can be hard. 
Firstly, competitions hamper communication among friends. People tended to be reluctant to share information and thoughts for fear that others might know themselves better and be targetted at certain strategically and specifically. Alice was my best friend. We practiced badminton,discussed badminton tactics and cheered each other up always. Things got changed after we knew we had to meet in semi-final in a national college students’ badminton games. The eagerness to win and fear of loss just tore us apart and we haven’t talked to each other since then. We no longer discussed badminton tactics for fear of loss. Besides, it made us feel awkward to come cross each other passing by. Every time, we just passed by, stared at each other, and left without saying a ‘hi’. Finally, I prevailed against her in the game. As a result, any comfort from me was considered as a superior attitude towads her. I came to realize we could no longer be friends any more because communication can no longer be smooth. 
Apart from that, people sometimes can be dishonest and hurt each other deliberately in the harsh competition. In my company, for in stance, Lily and Lucy compete for a post as manager. Lily seemed to be more competent, more qualified and more welcomed by others, which made Lucy jealous. After that, Lucy hid some information in order that Lily could miss the opportunities and twisted some truth to spread some slanders, which made Lily furious. Lily and Lucy could no longer become friends. Friends can not be easily retrieved after hurt and being hurt.
Admittedly, friends can be a desirable impetus who push one work harder and perform better in competitions. However, it can unfavorably undermine personal relationship.
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开头段: fierce competition all walks of life 这里二者是什么关系? some 的观点有了, others 的观点呢?
理由段:第一个那里例子还可以精简一下,没必要交代那么多细节,只要有足够的内容支撑你的主题句,你的理由即可。而第 2 个理由段中,前面也没有交代 Lily 和 Lucy 是 friends 啊。 理由段与你的观点的联系不够紧密。
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