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#雅思口语方法课第一节作业# 1. Tell me something about your study/work
Now, I am a student from Huaqiao university in Fujian province, and I will finish my study in 2022. After graduating from college, I plan to go to Canada to pursue my master’s degree. Therefore, I am preparing for this now.
2. Tell me something about the place you live in
I am living in my home nearby the sea which is in Shenzhen, A modern city in China. Shenzhen is a city that many people, especially young people, aspire to live in because of the rapid development and it provides lots of opportunities. However, at the same time, there are also much pressure existed, the pace of life in Shenzhen is very fast, and the things are also very expensive.
3. Tell me something about your hometown
My hometown is Heyuan City in Guangdong Province which is more like a village in China. Since I grew up in Shenzhen, I didn’t have much impressive about my hometown, the only thing that impressed me is that the food in my hometown was so good that I would eat a big deal every time I went back.
4. Tell me something about your favorite book/movie/TV program
I am a movie buff, my mother likes to watch movies. I have followed her to watch all kinds of movies since I was a child. My favorite movie is The godfather. This movie has taught me a lot of life philosophy, I think everyone should enjoy this movie in the different stage of life, it will be very enlightening to people
5. Do you like animals?
To be honest, I am not that interested in pets although I think some of them are very cute sometimes. I think human and animals should live in a harmony environment, but I can’t understand the behavior of some people who love animals too much.
6. What color do you like?
I like blue, it is generally believed that blue is the symbol of romantic, but I don’t have this sense, I like blue just because when I see something that the color is blue, I feel joyful. Many of my daily necessities are blue, and I think they are all pretty.
7. What is your favorite season/weather?
My favorite season is summer, when summers come, the sun will appear, I am fond of outdoor sports, so I hate the rain.
8. Is there anything you don’t like about your study?
I have been interested in all subjects so far, and I am curious about knowledge. However, some teachers' teaching style may make me uncomfortable, and I still feel disgusted with such courses.
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1. Tell me something about your study /work[br]Well ,I majored in construction during my college life,[br]2. Tell me something about the place you live in [br]I'm so excited to tell you that I live in changchun which is a very attractive city and it's also called “the green city ”, because there are many plants in the city . I love this city very much , because it can bring you happiness and warmth.[br]3. Tell me something about your hometown[br]If you are fond of watching movies and gain some knowledge of moives , from my perspective , I think my hometown changchun is a place which you can never miss. Changchun is famous for movies in china and it is one of the most significant movie factories in china. [br] 4. Tell me something about your favorite book /movie/ tv program [br] my favorite tv program is american idol ,Because I love the player in season eight who is called adam lambert. And one of the reasons I love this tv program is that this program is fair and aspiring. You can see all kinds of players seeking for their dreams and I think that’s is fantastic.[br]5. Do you want animals [br] I can wait to tell you that I love pandas most because they are cute and lovely. And their fur is so soft that I want to keep it forever.[br]6. What color do you like[br] My favorite color is red , Because I think it can bring me the passion and the energy . [br]7. What is your favorite season /weather [br] my favorite season is winter, because of the snow. When it start snowing, I will go to the outdoors and build a snowmen to creat a good memory.[br]8. Tell me about different types of transportation in your city [br]there is about four types in my city. We have bus, cars, bicycles and subway[br]9. Which one do you prefer , traveling by plane or by train [br] I prefer traveling by train because I think it is safer and you can also enjoy the views of your own country[br]
1. Tell me something about your study[br]During the two years of college life, I have attended many special courses, among which the most impressed one is English speech. In this course what the most impress me is the teacher, Mark Shaffly.[br]Mark is a lovely guy . He has had many different jobs, such like hunting teacher, panda breeder .Mark has a special way to teach. Mark always share some interesting stories with us, some are about fishing, some are about hunting in the open season in his hometown, but seldom talk about the book. I was confused at first, I can’t figure out the relation between the stories and our course. One day Mark said that he never read the book because he wanted to give us a stage to practice and show ourselves. He said that practice is more important than those forms of speech. A light break upon in me at that time. [br]2. Do you like animals?[br]Well, I love animals, especially cats. They are very cute and lovely. But I have never kept a pet. My mother is a little allergic to cat hair. She always says that it’s enough for her to take care of me, she doesn’t want to have a cat which also needs my care. So when I offer to have a pet, she told me that I have to choose between a cat and me . Although I never keep a pet, I don’t feel sad now and I don’t want one. I think keeping a pet will cost me a lot time. And I should take care of them and play with them. Also I can’t travel around and leave them alone. I don’t have enough time to do my own work, not mentioned to look after him. I believe that if you have a pet now, you need to be nice to him, take good care of him and love him. So I don’t think I am prepared for being a good pet keeper. Maybe one day when I am ready, I will have a pet and try my best to be nice to him and give him all I can think of.[br]