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1.Let's turn our focus now to advertising. [br]让我们现在把注意力转向广告[br]2.We all know what an advertisement is.[br]我们都知道广告是什么[br]3.It's essentially a message that announces something for sale. [br]它本质上是一个能够宣传商品的信息[br]4. Now there's an important precondition that must exist before you have [br]advertising, and that's a large supply of consumer goods, that is, things to sell. [br]再广告之前,现在有一个重要必须存在的前提条件那就是有大量供应的消费品,也就是说,卖的东西[br]5. You see in a place where the demand for a product is greater than the supply, [br]there is no need to advertise. [br]你会发现在一些供不应求的地方,是没必要做广告的[br]6. Now the earliest forms of advertising going back many hundreds of years with [br]a simple sign over shop doors that told you whether the shop was a bakery, a butcher shop or what have you. [br]最早形式的广告可以追溯到几百年前在商店门前的一个简单的标志,能够告诉你这是否是一个烘焙店,肉铺或你要的什么[br]7.Then with the advent of printing press, advertising increased substantially. [br]随后髓射出版社的到来,广告有了充分的发展[br]8. Ads for products like coffee, tea and chocolate appeared in newspapers and [br]other periodicals, as well as on the sides of building. [br]像诸如咖啡,茶,巧克力之类的产品出现在报纸和其他的期刊上,或者大楼的旁边。[br]9. In the American colonies, advertising and communications media like [br]newspapers and pamphlets became a major factor in marketing goods and [br]services. [br]在美国殖民地内,广告和社交媒体如报纸和小册子成为了在贸易货物和服务的主要因素。[br]10. By modern standards, these early advertisements were quite small and [br]subdued, not as splashy, whole page spread of today. [br]相比现代标准,这些早期的广告是非常小和受限制的,不想今天铺满整篇幅这么引人注目[br]11. Still some of them appeared on the front pages of newspapers probably [br]because the news often consisted of less refresh reports from distant Europe [br]while the ads were current and local. [br]仍然一些早期广告出现在报纸的前端篇章里,大致因为新闻经常包含关于偏远的欧洲的过时的报道由于这些广告是即使的和局部的。[br]12. Advertising really came and do it so and became an essential part of doing [br]business during the industrial revolution. [br]广告真正发挥作用,因此成为了在工业革命的商业活动中一个不可或缺的部分。[br]. 13 suddenly there was a much greater supply of things to sell. [br]突然就有大量的商品供应[br]14.And as we said earlier, that is the driving force behind advertising. [br]正如我们之前所说,广告背后有驱动力[br]15. People's attention had to be drawn to the new product. [br]人么得注意力不得不放到新产品上[br]16. Let's take a look at some of the advertisements from that time.[br]让我们了解下从那时起的一些广告吧


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