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An increasing number of people are changing careers during their working life. What do you think are the reasons of this? Is it a positive or negative development?c

My bother changed his job last year and my best friend changed her work last week. I suddenly realized that more and more people are changing their careers during their work life. What happened to cause this phenomenon?
I think there are some reasons.
First of all, people are exposing to a high pressure on their jobs, which comes from the fast pace of modern society. Workers have little free time to spend on their families or entertaining outside. They are eager to relax themselves by change to a leisure job. Secondly, individuals usually look forward to getting a higher position when they worked in the company for a long time. If they were neglected by their leaders, they will choose to change their careers for a promotion. Finally, with the increasing level of education, characters have more ideas than before. In the past, people worked to feed themselves or their families. However, the careers become the way to show their abilities. When people cannot be recognized their value which they deeply believe they should have, they change another career.
Overall, changing careers displayed a progress of the society and individuals, people have more chance to choose a correct career to displaying their abilities. Nevertheless, an inverse influence will be showed by changing jobs frequently.
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