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#托福口语第二节# 1.Faced with these choice, I would like to choose to be an environmental scientist.
2.Can anybody live its life without caring about the environment around him/her.
2.Environment is so vital for our life that we should pay much attention to it.
3.As environment worsening, many species extincted.
5.We and other creatures share the earth.
4.Shall we take actions to save them and avoid the extinction of human?
5.I have a sense of crisis, thinking about human's future all the time.
6.I am eager to know how environment will change in 21st century for knowing what we gonna confront.
7.Although being a professor or newspaper journalist is able to know those researchs, It is hard for them to join the experiments.
8.As sea level is rising and climate is chaing rapidly, we need to take actions for maintaining our livings.
9.If I have chance to be a environmental scientist, I will try my best to find out ways to avoid further deterioration of environment.
1.I will choose studying in big classes, if others will not interrupt me.
2.When u r in a big class and see so many people doing their own things quietly, you will be encouraged to work quietly like others.
3.Studying in big classes may give u a sense of being supervised.
4.But if anybody else makes noise when I am into my work, I may get mad and angry.
5.When in school, we are supposed to study in a big class with our classmates.
6.We have already get used to doing so.
7.Well if what i am ding need discussion, I will change my choice and attend in a big class.
8.Which one you will choose is not only about your personal preference, it also about what job you should do.
9.Wouldn't it be nice if we have both places for studying?
10.I think our school provide such things.
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