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#托福口语第二节# 感觉功力还不够呀。。
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1. As far as i am concerned, i will choose to be a university professor.[br]2. At first, it can make me relaxed in some ways.[br]3, Take my grandpa as an example, he is a university history professor in my hometown.[br]4. Thus, he is able to stay with many students everyday, talk with them and once he sees them, he also becomes energetic.[br]5. That is really stress-free, isn't it?[br]6. And for the second thing, i can continue to do some research i am interested.[br]7.For instance, unlike my grandpa, my uncle usually spends much time on his research. [br]8. And there are many kinds of facilities which can be provided for him to complete his tasks.[br]9. How nice it is ![br]10. Based on these reasons, that's why i want to be a university professor.[br]二:1. Personally speaking, independent learning is my preference.[br]2. Firstly, i can be more concentrate.[br]3. Take myself as an example, i attended an after-class tutoring during the spring break last year.[br]4. There were about eight students in that class and guess what would happened.[br]5. Lily always talked with Susan when others listened to the class, and i felt so distracted.[br]6. in addition, studying alone can make me more efficient.[br]7. Now i am used to learning on my own, but my best friend Lily is always hung out by some classmates to learn together in group meeting room after class.[br]8. And her study schedule is always distubed because they usually have gossips with each other so that she has to complete her assignment for a long time.[br]9. But i can learn with my specific pacing and i often finish my assignment more quickly than Lily. That's good, isn't it?[br]10. Based on these reasons, that's why i prefer indepedent learning.


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