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#雅思写作方法课第四节作业# Nowadays,.We can often heard about the commiting crimes of adolescents from the news or TVs,even these years the criminal rates of teenagers is rising faster and faster.This problem has been discussed among people for a long time.In my opinon,there are a lot of reasons to cause this peoblems.
Generally,the main reason for juvenile is the internet.With the development of time,the use of computers has been popularized a large proportion of families.Some parents may didn't suprivise their children use the internet correctly,at the same time,there are a remakably large number of information spread over the website that are hurtful for students,for instance,violence,pornography and so on.So many students may look through these harmful information and generate some obscure psychology pression which they are too young to bear.thus,they will do something which are unhealthy,even some anti-society activities,
Besides this,schools,is also a very important cause.in today's society,more and more schools and teachers only care about students'acdamic grades in order to have a very high enrolment rate,consequently neglect their grow up of their unripe heart.In this crucial period,nobody comes up to direct them,adding the bad society phenomenon attached by them,they will imitate the bad guy's behaviours,As a result,the potentially possbiliby of crimes would be rose,.
To resolve these problems.Firstly,parents and teachers should pay attention to their students'mental grows.Senior schools should encourage teachers and parents make more contact and communications with them.It is a method which can treat and guide students effectly.Then,many educational tv programme or series of video can be held and publiced.
Overall,crimiting crimes of young people is very serious,and it should discouraged at once.Howerver,if schools, board of education and television could focus on this and take measures rationaly,i believe the problems could be improved very well.
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打卡,第一个题目[br]Today many countries allow women to join in the armed forces such as the army, navy and air forces, applying the principle that all men are created equal to the construction of the military. Being concerned about their national military power, people are doubting whether women are suitable to become part of the armed forces, since women are considered too fragile to be on the battle field in history. Taking the characteristics and social status of women into consideration, I think only men but not women should be members of the armed forces.[br]Most obviously, women are physically weaker than men. Owing to human nature, women are born with less strength and muscles, which make it more difficult for them to conquer the challenges in trainings as well as on battle fields. All soldiers in the army will have to break through their limits by doing fierce exercise like covering a long distance with heavy backpacks of 10kg, or climbing through complex barriers within 20 minutes. Female soldier, of course, cannot be excluded. However, their physical disadvantages hinder them from achieving these. “Special conditions” like the period makes it even worse. Despite the physical aspect, women are mentally softer. Having stronger empathy and kindness, it’s not rare to see female soldiers appear indecisive when it comes to ending the enemies’ lives. Moreover, their hesitation on unnecessary details may result in failures of significant missions.[br]In addition, women actually have social responsibilities which suit them more. As all employers know, women are preferred in areas of education and, gradually, even economics, for women has the precious ability to be careful and concerned enough, which contributes to the balanced development of the society. This contribution relating to women’s advantages is of the same importance as what armed forces do, then why not let women do the work they are apt at instead of making them part of the army? Besides, women in peaceful environment can give birth to more babies who can be well-raised up, producing a hopefully powerful strength for the country’s future.[br]Overall, although increasing women appear in the armed forces and provide satisfying performance, they are not perfect for being soldiers. Therefore, armies with only men are more reasonable.
请完成以下两道题目的完整写作。[br]1. In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air forces. Do you agree or disagree?[br]Nowadays, women are gradually playing an equal part as men in society. However women and men indeed have natural advantages and disadvantages especially in different jobs. For instance, men have superior strength and physical while women are more careful and thoughtful. Therefore when some people claim that women should not join the army, I am the first one to say yes. As far as I am concerned, it is men’s obligation to join the army.[br]First, a fact I firmly believe in is that the early family education is significantly meaningful for children’s growth, heavily influenced by the role as a mother. In contrast, men discharge poor ability of childhood teaching. Just image that the insufficiency of early education because of the lack of motherhood, which is irreplaceable and crucial to the whole family. [br]In addition, women are expert in clerical jobs. For example, we always could see females working in banks, schools and counters. Females have better capabilities of computing and handing information. [br]Admittedly, gender quality is undoubted. Nevertheless, by no means can we ignore the fact that the natural weakness of females and the important social roles played by women in some special jobs. Thus I insist that just men should join the army.[br]2. In some countries, the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing. What are the reasons and give your measures to reduce it?[br]In the present days, juvenile crime is becoming more and more frequent in some countries. Nobody wants his peers or children to commit a crime one day. So how this situation emerges?[br]From my point of view, this condition is caused by the lack of education of family and school, the misleading by some media and the competitive pressure among peers. On the one hand, parents and teachers should take responsibilities of children’s education. We should not only teach kids the ability to study well but also the principle of being a member of society. Laws must be obeyed, which is an undoubted fact. Furthermore, citizens must act under control; otherwise the community will fall into a mess. On the other hand, children are too naïve to receive various information from media, which might be harmful to youth such as violence, war and pornography. Insufficient censorship leads to some unfit information coming into teenagers’ views as well as inadequate management results in the possibility to influence kids’ outlooks. Besides, thanks to the expansion of education system, more and more students gain opportunities to get taught, which leads to enormous increasing of serious competition among students. Some unfair and unreasonable competitions impair immature mentality of teenagers and leave impressive effects. As a result, the rise of juvenile delinquency is caused by a complicated circumstance. Hence we need to apply flexible countermeasures.[br]As for the solution, above all, excellent education in family and school is primary. Outstanding environment means the establishment of common value. Parents and teachers must take responsibilities to set proper examples and promote correct notions for teenagers. Moreover, relative organizations should strengthen regulation and supervision. Internet media and advertisements should be controlled and all kinds of misleading information should be expelled. Furthermore, excessive after-school classes should be restricted so that teenagers will enjoy more entertainments and relax themselves. Students should not undertake too much outside pressure on rankings or marks. Balancing between studying and leisure is the best method to learn knowledge.[br]In conclusion, an urgent situation should be deal with is the increase of teenager delinquency, which needs every citizens’ participation. Nevertheless, if the solutions mentioned above are well implemented, we are likely to diminish this soon.[br]


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