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#雅思写作方法课第四节作业# Recent years has witnessed the great progress in gender equality in many fields and women are no longer limited in the occupations such as housewives, laundresses or nurses. However, there is still a relatively small portion of women in the armed forces. Many people still believe that women are not capable to be soldiers as men can do in the army, navy or air force, which I think is quite reasonable.
Being a qualified soldier is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. Firstly, women are genetically not so strong and muscular as men, which is an obvious disadvantage in the army. They may have to make much more efforts in training just to perform as well as their male counterparts. Besides, one important quality of a soldier is that they need to keep clam under some dangerous and complex circumstance. Compared with men, women tend to be more emotional and irrational under such extreme conditions, which may lead them to make wrong decisions in a military mission.
Some people may criticize that it’s sexual discrimination if women don’t share the equality to join the army as men do. I think they are a bit overreacted over this issue. It’s true that everyone has the right to choose their favored occupation, under the premise that they are suitable for the job. Women have so many advantages over men in many fields such as education, nursery, and their natural characteristics such as kindness, patience and empathy also help them to perform much better in many other fields. There is no need for them to prove themselves in the army as they can beat men down in other industries.
It is true that there are many outstanding female soldiers in the army and they perform as better as men soldiers do, but they are still take a small proportion. Thus I believe that it would be better for women to take other jobs except for being a member in the army.
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In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air forces. Do you agree or disagree?[br] Currently, many counties emerging female soldiers who women joining the armed forces. However, some people believe that women be not suitable for joining to the armed forces. In the progressive society , the occupation is not determined and distributed by sexuality. In my perspective, women have equal rights and they can as well as men in the army.[br]First of all, women also can defend their country bravely. They have the keen insight and good judgment to analyze the situation, which are absolutely critical in the military. Compared with men who the female soldiers are more patient and persistent. At beginning of this year , there was a Chinese war film called “Red Sea”. And it shows that female soldier are capable on par with men for joining the army forces.[br]Moreover, women give full play to their advantages for some positions in the military, for instance, many women doctors and nurses have a great responsibility for the wounded as they are attentive and careful can looking for the patients. Besides, the great emotional strength put females to shame.[br]Furthermore, women member are entitled enlisting the army, because everyone have the inalienable right to opting their dream career. Indeed, physical condition of men are stronger rather than women, but just as mentioned above, the intelligence is more crucial in the modern military, which women be able to play a role in suitable positions. I insist that women can join the armed forces.[br] [br]
Recent years have witnessed that plenty of females join the armed force, because the modern war is not just a competition in physical aspect as well as in Intelligence and technology. Yet Some people still hold the stereotype that female is unable to be a good soldier. In my opinion, it is the right for a woman to join the army.[br]The first duty of soldiers is to obey their commands and win wars. If females reach the basis enrollment standards. They should be entitled to join in. It is a true universally aknowledged that everyone has the right to choose their own dream. If a boy announces that his dream is to be a soldier, everyone will support his dream and appreciate his patriotism. While if a girl does the same thing, people around her will stand on the opposite side. It seems that there is discrimination. Army is constituted by several kinds of forces, needing experts with various qualifications such as saving injured person or repairing some machines. There is no doubt that women could master these skills. [br]There are several characteristics in woman, who could bear a higher level of stress than men. Encountering some extreme dilemmas, females perform greater the males, as having better duration and patience. They can bear higher pressure coming from negative information. In the other hand, it has been proven that female is more sensitive than male to feel changes in same situation. For instance, female soldiers can distinguish the subtle change and offer timely assistance to one who is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder due to several tragedies in wars. [br]Admittedly, males have more muscle than females, so they have better physical strength. Nevertheless, physical state should not be the barrier blocking females' enrollment.[br]