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1. close friend:[br]词汇:curly black hair; hilarious; met in a basketball campaign; my closet pal in high school; make my day; share happiness; help him out in the field of learning; discuss on knowledge; take a walk to relieve pressure; in the college entrance examination; achieve the desired marks; up to now; graduate from college; it will last my lifetime[br]When I was thinking about my close friend, the first one that popped out was my best friend met in a basketball campaign in high school. He had a curly black hair and was a hilarious as well as faithful man. He always made my day and I often helped him out in the field of learning. We not only shared happiness together by taking a walk but also discussed on knowledge. Finally, both of us achieved desired marks in the college entrance examination through tireless efforts. Up to now, I have graduated from college, however he is still my close friend. No matter how much people I’ll meet from now on, he is close to me as before, which will last my lifetime. That’s pretty it.[br]2. important building:[br]词汇:EXPO garden; built in 2013; worldwide exhibition; promote the economic development; advance in the international trade; south suburb; the world’s first and biggest EXPO on the sea; every holiday a lot of tourists who were attracted by its reputation as a scenic spot; a symbol of globalization; proud be a citizen.[br]I would like to talk about the EXPO garden located in the south suburb, which was a worldwide exhibition built in 2013. This exhibition promoted the economic development and advanced in the international trade. It was the first and biggest EXPO on the sea all over the world. On every holiday, a lot of tourists were attracted by its reputation as a scenic spot. It was a symbol of globalization , therefore I was proud to be a citizen.[br]


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