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#雅思口语方法课第五节作业# #雅思口语方法课第五节作业#
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1. Why do you think so many people would prefer shopping on line?[br]In my opinion, firstly people would prefer shopping on line because it is more convenient than shopping out line. In detail, people shopping on line not only have no need to travel further away from home in person, but n also their purchases which be delivered can be sent to their home. Other hand, shopping on line people can get something cheaper things. Because there are many goods can be seen on line, so people can choose what they think is cheaper by comparison. Therefore, many people would prefer shopping on line.[br]2. What do you think of the education system in China?[br]When talk about the education system in China, I want to say it have advantage and disadvantage. For the advantage the education system in China indeed teaches students a lot of knowledge and enables them to get better grades. But sometime the education system in China more tend to exam-oriented education, that make many students just know how to learn and don’t know how to use the knowledge they have been learnt. So this is the disadvantage for China’s education system.[br]3. Do you think art classes are necessary? Why?[br]Of course that they are necessary.You know ,Chinese education is consider the grades are the most important, it leads a lot Chinese know less about art.The pity thing is that they think themselves know a lot about the art, so they unquestioning send their children to study piano,drawing,or something else, but most of the teacher just want money,so they just teach something simple,and it make a vicious circle.So, the art classes are really important .[br]4. Why do people like living in a big city? [br]I think people like living in a big city have two reasons. First living in a big city is more work chances than living in a small city. Because some large company prefer in a big city, it will more jobs are provided by those company. And also will get a well salary. The other reason is that living in a big city there is a better environment education for students. In a big city there are many advanced teaching facilities. And students also can get knowledge in different way, and it is benefit to develop their brain. Just in my eyes.[br]5. Why do some young people dislike living with old people? [br]In my opinion, some young people do not like living with the old because they think they have different lifestyles and different hobbies from the old. They choose not to live with the elderly in order to avoid arguments or unhappiness. They thought they would have more freedom to live their own lives without living with the elderly, such as how to work and rest, what clothes to wear and so on. As a result, some young people pursue their own freedom instead of living with the old people.[br]6. What do you think is the most important plant in your country?[br]To be honest, I never think about this question.If I had to ,I think that's peony , the peony is a symbol of my country.It doesn't have to many features,it's just beautiful,There is an important activity in China, that is to admire the peonies in the spring,it just like a festival.I'm sorry that I can't tell you more for I don't know more either.


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