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C8 T1[br]The information given by the pie chart and the table is about the main reasons for worldwide land degradation and how three areas of the world were affected by the reasons over the 1990s.[br]The given causes affected different regions differently in the 1990s. Specifically, in Europe which had the largest proportion of land degradation (23%), 9.8% land degraded was due to deforestation. However, it only took up 0.2% in North America and 1.7% in Oceania. As for Oceania with 13% of total land degradation, the most serious cause was over-grazing (11.3%). Interestingly, there was no link between its land degradation and over-cultivation which made 3.3% land degraded in North America whose total land degraded accounted for 5%.[br]In conclusion, it is clear to see that over-grazing and deforestation are the most important reasons for land degradation, and the reasons mentioned above played different roles in different regions during the 1990s.[br]C8 T2[br]The charts show how much a UK school spent on differentrunning costs in three separate years: 1981, 1991 and 2001.[br]In all three years, the greatest expenditure was onstaff salaries. But while other workers’ salaries saw a fall from 28% in 1981to only 15% of spending in 2001, teachers’ pay remained the biggest cost,reaching 50% of total spending in 1991 and ending at 45% in 2001.[br]Expenditure on resources such as books had increased to20% by 1991 before decreasing to only 9% by the end of the period. In contrast,the cost of furniture and equipment saw an opposite trend. This cost decreasedto only 5% of total expenditure in 1991 but rose dramatically in 2001 when itrepresented 23% of the school budget. Similarly, the cost of insurance saw arising trend, growing from only 2% to 8% by 2001.[br]In summary, teachers’ salaries constituted the largestcost to the school, and while spending increased dramatically for equipment andinsurance, there were corresponding drops in expenditure on things such asbooks and on other workers’ salaries.


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