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[br]1)Jane was ostracized by the rest of the team members because they believe that her behavior was an embarrassment to the entire team.[br]2)The largest tree by volume in the world is the General Sherman Sequoia. it is a little over 52,500 cubic feet.[br]3)It has taken a lot of courage to overcome my embarrassment and to return here to apologize.[br]4)After the secretary had read the minutes of the meeting. the chairman asked for the financial report.[br]5)Scientists are hoping for a major breakthrough in the searching for a cure for cancer.[br]6)President George Washington and his vice president, John Adams, had a difficult relationship, which Washington wrote about in letters to friends.[br]7)The majority of council members in our city is Republicans.[br]8)Meticulous and punctual, David’s has an admirable work ethic.[br]9)Although he had been a decorated soldier during World War II, he had fought many battles for the losing cause of liberalism in Congress.[br]10)James Joyce’s Ulysses, a long and complicated novel,and which is on our reading list, has been banned by the school board[br]2.1)At this point in time we can’t ascertain why the screen door was left open.[br]2)My sister employed as a nutritionist at the University of Michigan recommends the daily intake of mega doses of Vitamin C.[br]3)Basically, Congressman Fuenches was totally exhausted by his last campaign, voters expected he would not reduplicate his effort to achieve office in government again.


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