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1. believe→believed[br]2. 逗号→句号[br]3. [br]4. meeting the→meeting, the[br]5. 删掉major[br]6. he→Washington[br]7. is→are[br]8. Meticulous and punctual, David has an admirable work ethic[br]9. 删掉although[br]10. novel and→novel, and[br]1. the reason as to why[br]2. who is employed as [br]3. [br]4. We hope to create a proper tribute to Professor Espinoza[br]5. Many of us want a spring recess to get away from our studies[br]6. Joe, who was honest and hardworking, never sit idly about.[br]7. explain predestination[br]8. When will a downturn in the stock market affect society? [br]9. Our President, formerly the Governor of Arkansas, is a Southerner.[br]10. Training for nursery school teachers involves interacting with preschoolers and role playing with peers. [br]1. John Smith arrived early at the empty hall, approached the unlocked door, and entered. The hall door closed loudly behind him and made him jump. [br]2. “Reality” shows are the most popular shows on TV because they appeal to our voyeuristic tendencies. [br]3. The United States Civil War began on April 12, 1861, when battle broke out at Fort Sumter. By 1865, there were more than 600,000 casualties. Regarding per capita deaths, the Civil War is the deadliest in American history. It is also the first example of total war, so-called because it touches all parts of societies. Certainly, by the time the Confederate Army surrendered, the War Between the States had left untouched no sector of American life. [br]4. This paper will focus on the history of American literature. It will start by considering the history of literature, which is related to the history of humanity. American literature has tended to be concerned with the course of human development, in part because early American settlers and 2[br]political leaders were highly influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, which focused largely on understanding humanity.
1. 1) Jane was ostracized by the rest of the team members.They believed that her behavior was an embarrassment to the entire team.[br]2) The largest tree by volume in the world is the General Sherman Sequoia which is a little over 52,500 cubic feet.[br]3) It has taken a lot of courage to overcome my embarrassment and return here to apologize.[br]4) After the secretary had read the minutes of the meeting, the chairman asked for the financial report.[br]5) Scientists are hoping for a major breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer.[br]6) President George Washington and his vice president, John Adams, had a difficult relationship, which President George Washington wrote about in letters to friends.[br]7) The majority of our city council members are Republicans.[br]8) Meticulous and punctual, David has an admirable work ethic.[br]9) Although he had been an often decorated soldier during World War II and had fought many battles for the losing cause of liberalism in Congress.[br]10)James Joyce’s Ulysses, a long and complicated novel, and which is on our reading list, has been banned by the school board.[br]2. ??????????????????????[br]1) we can’t ascertain the reason as to why[br]the screen door was left open.[br]2) My sister, a nutritionist at the University of Michigan, recommends the daily intake of[br]mega doses of Vitamin C.[br]3) Basically, in light of the fact that Congressman Fuenches was totally exhausted by his last campaign, there was an expectation on the part of the voters that he would not[br]reduplicate his effort to achieve office in government again.[br]4) We discover a means to create an absolutely proper and fitting tribute to Professor Espinoza.[br]5) We want a spring recess getting away from the demands of our studies.[br]6) Joe was an honest and hardworking man,and never idle. [br]7) What is predestination?[br]8)When will a downturn in the stock market have a really serious effect on the social life of people as a whole?[br]9) our President was formerly the Governor of Arkansas, is basically a Southerner.[br]10)The nursery school teacher education training sessions involve active interfacing with preschool children of the appropriate age as well as intensive peer interaction in the[br]form of role playing.[br]3. ??????????????????????????[br]1) John Smith arrived earliest at the hall. He found the door was unlocked. John Smith went through the door. John Smith shut the door behind. Suddenly there was a loud noise. The loud noise made John Smith jump.[br]2) They have an appeal to our fascination with real life conflict because of our voyeuristic impulses, are about the most popular shows that are regularly scheduled to appear on TV.[br]3) The United States Civil War began On April 12,1861. The Civil War is the most deadly war (measured byper capita deaths) in American history, The Civil War is also thefirst example of total war, which is so-called because of its totality. Total war touches all parts of societies. 4) This paper will focus on the history of American literature. The history of literature is, generally, related to the history of humanity. The history of American literature is 2 particularly concerned with the history of humanity because early American settlers and political leaders were highly influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, which was highly concerned with humanity.


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