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In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air forces. Do you agree or disagree?[br] Nowadays,the female rights is equivalent with the man's,so they also have obligation to join the arms,with their has natural features of chairness and persistence.The raised point that women play a significant role in the military,as far as I concerned ,it accepetable for women to be members of the army.[br] It is evident that Iadies joining the military may bring substantial benefits.History has consisitendly shown women were fully capable of performing well in the armed forces.For instance,the world-renowmed female figures like Joan of Arc and Mulan really put their male counterparts to shame with their outstanding performance in the army.Also,from an enlightened standpoint,female partios should be granted the right to go to the front line when their motherland is involved in a war.Considering the sweeping progress in gender equality, there is really no sense in denying them the right to stand up for their home country when war breaks out.lastly,in the information era,computerization and digitization in the military have made it much easier for women soldiers to operate modern weapons.[br] Even so,allowing ladies to join the military carries certain risks.The most serious one is that this may further drive up the already high crime rate in some armies.The recent series of sex scandals in the US navy would serve as convincing proof of this risk.Futher,the health hazards thatserving in the military may pose to women are very real.For example,research has revealed that on average American women soldiers in Iraq are suffering from more serious and complicated physical and mental illnesses than the American service man in the same region.[br] Overall,even though some servicewomen might be conforted with health risks or even criminal threats,Ladies'rights to join the military should not be denied.


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