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1.students study every night for the SAT./sentence fragment[br]2.Having won gold in the olympics two years in a row, the brazilian women's soccer team were praised for their athleticism./verb tense[br]3.many people do not like anchovies on their pizza, because they think they taste bad and are disgusting as a result./run on, comma splice[br]4.to complete the music program, a student must present one vocal performance, one instrumental performance, and one original work./parallel structure[br]5.the old maxim "let the buyer beware" suggests that as buyers we are responsible for inspecting merchandise for flaws before paying for it./主谓[br]6.although they were protested by clergy and women, there were still over 2000 of them in london in the 17 th and 18th centuries./没有主句[br]7.to assist the team in the timely production of the film, director and producer write a revised script overnight./主句和从句主语不一致[br]8.when marie curie shared the 1903 nobel prize for physics with two other scientists --her husband pierre curie and henri becquerel, she had been the first woman to win the prize./run on [br]9.ongoing research by several scientists suggests that regular periods of meditation reduce blood pressure and are likely to contribute to other improvements in health./主谓[br]10.a form of dance traditional to northern spain is the flamenco ,noand it combines rhythmic stamping with emotional intensity./run on[br]11.norwegian writer sigrid undset is like the novelist sir walter scott in her use of historical backgrounds, but unlike him, she dwells on th psychological aspects of her characters./illogical comparison[br]12.studies have suggested that eating nuts might help to lower blood cholesterol levels in humans and reduce the risk of heart disease by protecting the blood vessels./parallel structure[br]13.The werewolf mailed a package to the vampire with full of garlic. run on[br]14.when students apply to colleges, it is important that they investigate each school thoroughly./主谓[br]15.benjamin's grandmother taught him to read. He attended a one-room Quaker school when the farmwork slowed down during the winter./run on[br]16.when doris lessing published the golden notebook in 1962, it instantly established herself as one of the most important literacy voices of her generation.[br]17.psychologists advise that before making any major change in your life, a person needs to focus on one's goals /单复数[br]18.samuel adams was by no means the first american to espouse the democratic cause, but he had been the first who conceived the party machinery that made it practical. /时态[br]19.)James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan and other plays, is noted for portraying adulthood as unpleasant but glorified childhood. /连词[br]20.scoring bread in the refrigerator delays drying and the growth of mold but increases the rate at which the bread loses flavor./主谓一致[br]21.after Lisa studied seven straight hours, her brain was fried./主谓一致[br]22.one reason that an insect can walk on walls while a human cannot is that the mass of its tiny body is far lower than human's /comparison[br]23.every time medical students have the opportunity to treat a patient, their esteem and confidence levels increases./主谓一致[br]24.spread by rat fleas, bubonic plague killed millions of people in medieval Europe./主句和从句主语保持一致


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