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1.[br]1)Litotes[br]2)personification[br]3)rhetorical question[br]4)Oxymoron[br]5)Diction choice[br]6)Oxymoron[br]7)Antithesis.[br]8)personification[br]9)parallelism[br]10)Antithesis[br]11)simile[br]2[br]1)So from the Heat magazine, Miley Cyrus is a mean woman to her man -to-be while out on dates. Apparently, her assistant arranges what the guy must wear, do, and talk about on the date even no flower. She's also not in her moods, so she was banned.[br]2)In Indonesia, cheese-topped donuts are quite popular, and KFC decided to offer a glazed donut topped with shredded Swiss and cheddar cheese.in September 2013.[br]3)The original Batmobile got $137,00 from an auction on Saturday, which is a small part of the $4.2 million that a purchaser donate to assist another version on 1960s TV shows.[br]4)A 68-year-old man scared off two men in ski masks trying to break in his home. And then he posted an announcement on his door warning them don't try to break his house anymore. If they doing that one more time, he will be waiting on them with his gun he can keep on his walker.[br]3.[br]1)Metaphor. By comparing the current method of the climate changing to the blind spot, the author was trying to claim that the current method -- trying to engineer hot weather out of existence is not good, not desirable. The blind spot is a vivid image to the readers, which they will be shocked by this and then think about the whole issue and then they will agree with the author’s argument which is the use of air conditioning should be controlled within reason.[br]2)Comparison. The statistics in the passage illustrates a strong comparison between the foreign correspondents between 2003 and 2011 which shows that the number of the reporters are decreasing, through this comparison, the author points out that one major reason for the crisis of foreign news is the shrinking of the number of the foreign reporter and the degrading of them. With this fact, the audience may doubt the credibility of the international news they read every day. With this feeling, the audience will conclude that there must be more professional journalists to improve the quality and the credibility of international news, which reaches the opinion of the author.[br]3)Rhetorical Question. The author asked a rhetorical question which the answer is obvious, we definitely want to see the whole picture of Mona Lisa if it is broken in 2 pieces. Through this question, the author demonstrates that like Mona Lisa, there is also a widespread desire to see the scattered sculptures of Parthenon reunite.[br]4)Parallelism. Enumerate the consequences of reading less and emphasize him with a series of adjectives to give readers a sense of crisis, If the rate of reading and education in a country of a nation is declining, the country and the nation will become more and more foolish, ignorant. So the reading rate will have a negative impact on the United States. This is common sense when readers read this, they will have a sense of crisis.


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