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#雅思口语方法课第二节作业# #雅思口语方法课第二节作业#
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1. nowadays, a growing number of people like music. generally speaking, different people have different tastes about music, such as pop music, jazz and classcial music. i am a big fanof classical music. what makes classcial music different from popular music is can make people think deeplu and they can become more noble and avoid vulgarity.[br]2.I don't like fast food at all for several reasons. First, cooking is kind of art, but fast food has totally destroy the pleasure and leisure of cooking and tasting. For fast food we don't need good cookers any more, for we just need some cold machines and inexperienced amateurs.Second, fast food is high of fat, and it is always destroying the eaters' health. Last, fast food shows that in the modern society people pay much more attentions to the high-speed and efficiency thar quality and feeling. [br]3.I don’t really know about that part. I got my best friends from my schoolmates. Then I would meet their friends and so on. For older people I guess the best approach for them might be playing Mah-jong, which is very popular. So you can meet lots of people by regular playing.[br]4.i perfer to wear the t-shirt and slacks. because it is very comfortable suitable for a student in our daily life. when we are in pe lessons, we have more space to do exercise.[br]5.I do think that’s very difficult to move to a new country. The first challenge is language. It’s not convenient if we can’t speak local language, because it’s necessary to communicate with the locals. Second, you have to face a new environment if you move to another country, and it won’t make you feel comfident.[br]6.absolutly.Learning a new language is a difficult event. Firstly, there are differences between your mother tougue and the new language. So you may feel strange when learning some new things. Second, language learning is a longing event. It takes a lot of time to learn a new language well. At last, you may not have enough opportunity to practise it. [br]


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