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#雅思写作方法课第一节作业# #雅思写作方法课第一节作业#
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3.If the school's teaching equipment is advanced, students can enjoy a better learning environment. These teaching equipment include equipment in the classroom, such as projectors, electronic screens, etc., as well as laboratory equipment such as microscopes, and chemical reactors. With the help of these devices, learning is no longer a tedious, repetitive process, but a way for everyone who likes to be happy. After experimenting with these devices, the theorems of physics and chemistry can form a deeper impression in the students' minds. Therefore, more talents are cultivated and national development benefits.[br]4.University education is very important for the development of a country, because students with higher education are a country's potential. That is to say, the university helps people prepare for future careers, strengthen their academic ability and improve their interpersonal and organizational skills so that they can adapt to this changing world. Through this process, the university has cultivated many outstanding scientists, workers, engineers and other talented people. However, this process requires the government to invest a lot of money in the school, such as teachers and equipment.[br]5. First of all, working from home can be free from traffic congestion. Today, people flock to big cities to gain better jobs and educational opportunities, which to a large extent puts urban traffic pressures even greater. For office workers, it is very possible to spend 2 hours a day on transportation. In this case, if you can work on a home computer phone, very few people will refuse. The rest of the time can do a lot of meaningful things, such as doing extra work, or enjoying life better.[br]6. Indeed, part-time work can help children prepare for their future adult life. First of all, it can help children develop good and mature personality, which will be of great benefit to their future studies and work. Second, through part-time work, children can apply what they have learned to practice, and gain a lot of practical experience in leadership, response, teamwork and so on. Finally, part-time work can provide children with an opportunity to have an insight into the real world – in real life, life is not as easy as they think. In this way, through such experience, they may learn to be self-sufficient and learn to become a more responsible member of society.[br]


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