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1. B[br]2. B[br]3. 小孩都喜欢玩游戏,小明是小孩,所以小明肯定也喜欢玩游戏[br]4. a) People who like to shop at Wal-Mart like to shop at Target.[br] b) He drives that kind of car.[br] c) you are an otterhound.[br] d) The post office will not be open on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.[br] e) Sally is a smoker.[br]5. a) I’ve seen to at least twenty Disney movies in my lifetime[br] not one of them has been especially violent[br] Disney people just don’t make violent movies[br] b) Most of my professors wear glasses[br] most professors every- where do the same[br] c) The conservatives I’ve met dislike Mike Huckabee[br] most conservatives dislike Mike Huckabee[br] d) Jane scored 85 percent on her first test[br] her average for all the tests this semester will be around 85 percent[br] e) Most of the people I know approve of the job she’s doing[br] A 35 percent approval rating[br] Those polls are rigged[br] f) those two dudes drag racing[br] The young people around here sure are crazy[br] g) these fries are too salty[br] all fries at McDonald’s are too salty[br]6. a) Rats are sufficiently similar to humans biologically. [br] Saccharin has been determined to cause cancer in rats. [br] Saccharin will cause cancer in humans. [br] b) People in both Georgia and Alabama are mainly southern conservatives. [br] Jeb Bush has an 80% approval rating in Georgia. [br] Jeb Bush would get around 80% approval rating in Alabama. [br] c) The two movies that Will Smith was in have the same kind of plot.[br] I liked the last one.[br] I will probably like this one. [br] d) January is supposed to be as cold and December was.[br] December’s energy bill was very high. [br] January’s bill will probably be high. [br]7. a) 原因:Eating fish or seafood at least once a week [br] 结果:Reduction in the risk of developing dementia [br] b) 原因1:Stronger muscles [br] 结果1:Greater load that the muscles take off the joint[br] 原因2:Greater load that the muscles take off the joint [br] 结果2:Limiting damage to the cartilage[br] 原因3:Damage to the cartilage[br] 结果3:Osteoarthritis [br]8. a) 求异法,这次弹奏和之前的唯一区别就是钢琴[br] b) 求同求异,唯一导致钓鱼好不好的因素就是风,每次有风时就不好[br] c) 求异,和平时不同,昨晚学习了一整晚,所以很累[br] d) 求同,每次有小孩电脑就坏掉[br] e) 求同,每个拿枪打人的小孩都玩暴力游戏


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