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#SAT修辞与逻辑第三节作业# 修辞与逻辑第三节作业
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1:b[br]两者都是因果混淆错误,销售量下降不能证明个人电脑不成为教学中的重要角色,微波炉销售量下降不能说明消费者认为电脑没什么用了[br]2:b[br]原文意思为电视观众根据报道的频率来估计发生率,因为火灾,摩托车的事故高于做假账的报道,所以b成立[br]3:小明是1班的学生且通常考得很好[br]这次考试一班的学生大部分都考得很好[br]小明考的很好[br]分析:首先小明是1班的学生+他通常考的很好+一班的大部分人都考得很好能有力的推出小明考的很好[br]4:a:Most people who like to shop in Was-Mart like to shop in Target[br] b:He drives that kind of car[br] C: Otterhounds is a dog [br] D:Post office usually doesn't open on King Jr’s birthday.[br] e:Sally is a smoker[br]5:[br]A:not one of the Disney movies is violent[br]得:Disney people don't make violent movies[br]B:Most of my professors wear glasses[br]得Most professors everywhere do the same[br]C:The conservatives I’ve met dislike Mike Huckabee [br]Most conservatives feel the same way(dislike Mike Huckabee)[br]D:Jane scored 85 percent on her first test[br]Jane’s average tests this semester will be around 85 percent [br]E:35 percent approval rating Most people approved of the job he's doing[br]Those polls are rigged[br]F:Those two dudes dragged racing[br]The young pep around here are sure very crazy [br]G:Judging from those fries and they are salty[br]The fries at McDonald’s are too salty.[br]6:[br]a:Saccharin has been determined to cause cancer in rats[br]rats are sufficiently similar to humans biologically[br]conclusion:saccharin will cause cancer in humans, too.[br]b:Jeb Bush has an 80 percent approval rating in Georgia. [br] The people in both states are mainly southern conservatives.[br]conclusion:He’d be just as popular in Alabama, [br]c:I liked the last movie Will Smith was in[br]this one has the same kind of plot. (Will Smith was in)[br]conclusion:I will probably like this movie, too.[br]d:December’s energy bill was very high(Also January bill will be very high)[br]January is supposed to be just as cold. [br]conclusion:January’s bill will probably be high, too.[br]7:原因:Eating fish or seafood at least once a week [br]结果:it lowers the risk of developing[br]Dementia[br]原因:The stronger the muscles, [br]结果:the greater the load they take off the joint, [br]原因:The great load they take [br]结果:limiting damage to the cartilage,[br]原因 leg exercise[br]结果 prevent osteoarthritis.[br]8:[br]a:求异法:Pat以前从来没有困难弹奏这个乐章,今天有了,可能是刚刚买的琴有问题[br]b:求异法 :有风的时候能钓到鱼,无风的时候不能钓到鱼,所以风控制了钓鱼[br]C:求异法:思考需要能量,可能思考了就累了[br]D:求异法:dang kids玩的时候坏的,不完的时候不会坏[br]e:求同法:每个玩暴力游戏的人都会射击打中人[br]