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1. a close friend
I would like to talk about my close friend , her name is XXZ .We became to close friends when we go to high school. We have known each other for more than five years and she is popular with other people .There are several reasons why I like her , firstly , she is trustworthy, when I am in trouble, I will work it out with her help. Secondly, she will listen to me carefully when I feel upset then she will do something to make me feel better.So indeed I am very proud to have a friend like she .That’s all I want to talk about , thank you .
2. a family member who has had important influence on you
The family member that influenced me most is, without a doubt, my father .
My father is a teacher , he is the cornerstone of our family . He loves all of us and holds himself responsible for our family's well being.He is not tall , short hair and a kindness face. There are several reasons why he has had influenced me so much . Firstly , he always completes his work seriously and he treats every one with full patience . Secondly , he has many hobbies especially in computer , such as computer programming , dealing with all aspects of the computer problems . Last but not least , he is always optimistic , whatever troubles he faces to .
I am proud of him.That’s all I want to talk about , thank you .
3. a famous person you admire
When I was thinking about a famous person that I know, the first one that popped out was Taylor Swift , a famous singer in USA .
I know her when I was in middle high school. Just because her song which is called ‘Love Story’, which was popular in China a few years ago . I guess if I met her I would probably expressed my love to her , and ask her to sign in my notebook . There are several reasons why I’d like to meet her .
Firstly , she is not only gorgeous but also very caring , in addition to her own team and life, she will donate some of her money to help those people who in need. Secondly , her talent has earned her many Grammy awards, which are inseparable from her usual efforts. So that’s why I like her. That’s all. Thank you.
4. an interesting neighbor
If you ask me to give you an account of a neighbor who intrigues me most, I would not hesitant to talk about an old man .I got to know him almost 20 years ago when I was a child .He has wrinkled face and white hair ,he is tall .
There are several reasons why I think he is interesting . Firstly , although he is old , he likes doing exercises , such jogging , fishing and riding bikes . He gets up early and almost do sports every morning . Secondly , he is humorous , always plays jokes on my bad side of character and cheers me up when I am in trouble . Last but not least , his life is colorful ,he is always optimistic , he is fond of singing, drawing and playing cheese , he is a knowledgeable man . I think I have covered everything, right? Thank you.
1. an important building in your city
Ok, I will tell you about a building in my hometown, Tai an. an ancient temple called dai temple is located in a square of the city center filled with cultural deposits. .
Anyway, it is a nice square about 405 meters long and 236 meters wide . Its architectural style adopts the style of imperial palace, with more than 150 ancient buildings in the temple. Dai temple presents the concept of Confucian etiquette with the layout of its interior architecture. The whole complex is centered on a north-south longitudinal axis, and the horizontal extension is balanced. I never went inside, so I do not know what it looks like.
Dai temple was built in ancient times as a temple for emperors to hold ceremonies. It is now used for tourists to visit and to understand its historical culture .
I think it is important because it is a historical relic, and a peaceful place in my hometown. No matter how many skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings are built, we need a place for our honorable cultural heritages and ancient wisdom. I hope the temple stays there forever.
2. a park
The garden I'm going to describe is famous because it belonged to the French painter Claude Monet. It's in a place called Giverny, which is in northern France, about an hour away from Paris in the province of Normandy.
There are actually two gardens at the Monet house in Giverny: a flower garden, and a Japanese inspired water garden. Apparently, Monet designed the gardens himself; he even had the pond and the famous Japanese bridge made. After creating the gardens, Monet painted some of the most well-known paintings in the world, such as those of the waterlilies below the bridge on his pond.
Thousands of people visit the gardens at Giverny to see the magnificent scenes that inspired Monet's paintings. Visitors can walk around the gardens and take pictures, which is what I did when I went there.
I like Monet's gardens because they are such beautiful creations, and it's amazing to see the 'real thing' having seen the famous paintings so many times.
3. an interesting house/apartment you visited
I would like to talk about my grandparents’ house which I visit almost
every year during summer vacation.It is located in countryside, the most remote area of ShanDong province.There are plenty of trees, gardens, ponds and open space in front of the house.It is not a very big house in terms of the size. But it is spacious enough for our family. My grandparents don’t like luxurious decorations and they only have necessary household appliances and furniture. I’d be really happy if I could live there instead of living in this noisy city, hence I always enjoy visiting my grandparents tremendously.There are several reasons why I find this house interesting. Firstly I want to live close to nature, a place that offers fresh air, clean environment, pollution-free living and healthy fresh food. Secondly, this house always feel so cozy because every time when I am there, I get to see many of my relatives. Finally, my dream house is actually a farmhouse, tough my grandparents’ house is not a farmhouse, it is close enough.
4. a café which you have been to
I’m an introvert and not really keen on socializing with others, so I often find a noiseless spot to frequent to every time I’m stressed out from work study. It is the small and cozy café within a walking distance from my house.
Unlike other coffee shops in the vicinity of my neighborhood, the atmosphere here is extremely tranquil and serene, which greatly lives up to my expectation. As a person with heavy amounts of daily workload. The café gives me a certain degree of peacefulness and calmness, especially during nerve-racking times like final exams when I am up to ears in assignments.
What leaves the most profound impression on me is the complete silence in the café as the shop owner fortunately is not interested in music of any kind, so no background music is expected when you come here. I can increase my concentration span while reading a book or other materials and finish work with great productivity, compared to when I’m at home, surrounded by many disturbances like babies crying and neighbors arguing. One bonus point is that the coffee there is second to none which caters to my unique tastes! The foods are really scrumptious, giving me great refreshing energy when suffering from fatigue and stress I have to admit.
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