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1. Why do you think so many people would prefer shopping on line?[br]As far as I am concerned, shopping on line is very convenience. We don’t need to go to shopping mall, hang around for a long time and might not be able to buy something you like. The only thing we need to do is move our fingers and scan the pictures. When we go to the shopping mall, we should by car or bus which is very waste time and maybe face traffic jams. The second advantage is that shopping online is cheaper, it has many discount. According to these, people would prefer shopping on line.[br]2. What do you think of the education system in China?[br]In my point of view, China’s education system is depends on the remarkable large number of population. China implements nine-year’ compulsory education, I deem it is a very good measure which can help many children to receive education. China’s education system is do competitive that it can produce a lot of skilled people.[br]3. Do you think art classes are necessary? Why?[br]To be honest, I am very fond of painting. I’ve been painting since I was six years old. So I deem art classes play an indispensable role in our life, we need to learn them. Art classes can edify our sentiments and enhance our aesthetic. Painting can make our mind more open. As per art classes are very necessary.[br]4. Why do people like living in a big city?[br]Well, with the development of technologic and internet, more and more people like living in urban, especially big cities. The big cities have more convenience transport and network and more advanced produces. People can have more opportunities of jobs and brighter future.[br]5. Why do some young people dislike living with old people?[br]Nowadays, aging of population is a big problem in our society. There are a massive volume of elderly people. According to this, many young people need to live with old people. But some of them don’t like it. Because they deem old people’s experience, life style and shape personality, develop value system always influence them, they have generation gap. The old people always force the ideas down their throats.[br]6. What do you think is the most important plant in your country?[br]It is well known that the national flower of China is peony. Peony is a very magnificent flower. It very big and has bright color. It symbolizes prosperity, just as China’s developed. Chinese people in the Tang Dynasty are fond of Peony, the love of this kind of flower has been extended to today.