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1.[br]We may all have seen films with a war setting,in which female characters are almost never involved in any form of military service,or are portrayed as intelligence workers seducing foreign officers to extract confidential information.Even these days,some people still claim that women should not join the armed forces despite the fact that in many countries women are treated as equally eligible candidates as men for military enlisting.I personally believe that women should be granted the opportunity to serve their country as long as they are qualified.[br]The fact fhat armed forces used to be all-male profession and it is still held by many people that they should continue to be so can be attributed to several factors:Firstly,member of the armed force is probably one of the most physically demanding job in the world and,as we all know,women are generally inferior to men in terms of physical strength and stamnia.Secondly,people have this long-established prejudices against women that they are emotionally unstable and easily scared,that they cannot read maps or drive cars etc.Lastly,most military posts require fieldwork or travelling long distance to perform their duties.An all-male team may provide some minor practical conveniences,such as accomdations,uniforms etc.[br]However,all these obstacles that used to prevent women from pursuing a military career do not seem to exist anymore. In fact,physical strength can be developed and not all military posts are equally physically demanding.Many of them require far more than just physical power,thanks to the techological development of weaponry and other military equipments,khnowledge,intelligence and skills becom more relevant.Apparently,women are perfectly competent in these areas,which compensate their relatively weak strength.Futhermore,associating women with certain traits,such as emotional unstablity and inability to read maps or drive cars is merely stereotyping.These weaknesses could happen to anyone ,not specific to women.[br]From my pount of view,in conclusion,the military should assess candidates based on their qualification,not on their genders.Women should be allowed to join the armed force on equal basis of men,and this progress shows the true spirit of occupational equality.[br]2[br]Most people hold a strict attitude towards fighting crimes and punishing those who commited crime,but whether we can be as stirct if the offenders are underage children is less certain.In some places of the world,the increasing occurence of juvenile delinquency caused public concern.[br]As we all know, in most cases, underage children who commited crime have an unhappy childhood(both at home and at school),and less privilidged family background.Compared with adults,children are more vulnerable to and easily overwhelmed by stress,abuses,and negative influences.Nowadays,many families are full-time,two-career households,in which case,the parents are so preoccupied with their work that they may not have time or patience with their children.Feeling neglected and unloved,children are prone to various psychological disorders,including anxiety,depression,autism etc.School life could be stressful for some children as well.since they haven’t developed enough personal interpersonal skills and resistence to ridicule,children experiencing bullying at school,peer pressure and having unusual difficulties in coping with homework and exams can be traumatised ,or worst case scenerio,dropping out of school.[br]Financial difficuties and relatively lower education status of parents is another contributing factor.Parents don’t have sufficient education or possess certain professional skills are difficult to secure their jobs. the resulted poverty,homelessness,and inability to maintain a proper life could be of destructive effect on teenagers.As a matter of fact,I think this is the principal cause of theft and robbery which are the most common forms of juvenile delinquency.[br]To deal with this problem,I believe there are several fundamental aspects that we could work on.To begin with,the provision of unemployment insurance and redundancy pay should cover a wider range of workers to tide them over the difficult time and hence ensure children whose parents are temporarily unemployed are able to provide for their family.Secondly,to promote knowledge about psychological health and well-being of children to the whole society.Moreover, to encourage teachers pay closer attention to students’ psychological condition and interrelationship with each other,so that they can intervene whenever there is some behavior that threatens children’s well-being.[br]In conclusion,there might be a wider variety of reasons responsible for the issue of juvenile delinquency, some of which rooted deeply in the fundamental level of our society--poverty,educational and occupational inequity and so on.While there is no hope to eliminate these problems in the foreseeable future,any measure that could help promote children’s welfare especially the underprivildged ones would worth trying.[br][br][br][br][br][br][br]


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