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Nowadays,.We can often heard about the commiting crimes of adolescents from the news or TVs,even these years the criminal rates of teenagers is rising faster and faster.This problem has been discussed among people for a long time.In my opinon,there are a lot of reasons to cause this peoblems. [br]Generally,the main reason for juvenile is the internet.With the development of time,the use of computers has been popularized a large proportion of families.Some parents may didn't suprivise their children use the internet correctly,at the same time,there are a remakably large number of information spread over the website that are hurtful for students,for instance,violence,pornography and so on.So many students may look through these harmful information and generate some obscure psychology pression which they are too young to bear.thus,they will do something which are unhealthy,even some anti-society activities,[br]Besides this,schools,is also a very important cause.in today's society,more and more schools and teachers only care about students'acdamic grades in order to have a very high enrolment rate,consequently neglect their grow up of their unripe heart.In this crucial period,nobody comes up to direct them,adding the bad society phenomenon attached by them,they will imitate the bad guy's behaviours,As a result,the potentially possbiliby of crimes would be rose,.[br]To resolve these problems.Firstly,parents and teachers should pay attention to their students'mental grows.Senior schools should encourage teachers and parents make more contact and communications with them.It is a method which can treat and guide students effectly.Then,many educational tv programme or series of video can be held and publiced.[br]Overall,crimiting crimes of young people is very serious,and it should discouraged at once.Howerver,if schools, board of education and television could focus on this and take measures rationaly,i believe the problems could be improved very well.