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#雅思写作方法课第四节作业# In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air forces. Do you agree or disagree?
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Nowadays,it is a common trend to conscript women into the army forces, not only because female soldiers have their own advantages, but also because they are an indispensable part of a whole army. However, some people still hold the view that women should not enter the army, for they are so weak that could not beat down the enemy. From my point of view, women is necessary to attend the army for couple of reasons.
The advantages of female soldiers is quite obvious, which enable a women to become an excellent member of soldiers. First of all, women is usually more careful than men when doing a complex job, and that is because of the women’s nature. At the same time, when facing a long-term work, women have an unbelievable persistence to do the dulling and repentance work until they finish it. Furthermore, female soldiers have the ability of having an incredible control of weapons, such as airplanes, so many countries have trained female pilots to broaden the air forces. Even female soldiers have a great understanding of how to win the enemy, none to mention they have a long-term vision of the battle strategy, which may better than men.
Only if having female soldiers, can troop feel more like a community. Bringing the happiness to the army, women can let the tedious army lives full of smile and vitality. Besides, in order to attract the attention of girls, one way the boy can be done is taking exercise more hardly, which will definitely promote their body strength. Lastly, if the army without the female soldiers only we can see men’s soldier, it is a waste of social sources. Owning to both of them have their own advantages, let them do the job what they really good at can effiently finished the uneasy jobs.
Men indeed is the main source of an army because of men’s nature, nevertheless, they cannot accomplish all the mission while women can finish it in an easy way. In common, women can be an insignificant role in the army.

In some countries, the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing. What are the reasons and give your measures to reduce it?
Recent years has witnessed the great increase of juvenile delinquency. Not only because of the increasing rate of divorce, but also because of some school problems, such as school bullies. Both of two factors pose a tremendous harmful influence on children and teenagers.
The increasing rate of juvenile delinquency can be caused are as follows. First of all, as the rate of divorce is increasing, and because of the increasing number of Single parent family, which can be fully be engaged in domestic violence, children living in such life environment definitely lack parent’s care, love and guidance. Without the correct guidance of parents and family’s love, children may easily have psychological problems for the loneliness. At the same time, most children are the single child of their family, so don’t have brother or sister to share the sadness once they feel frustrated. Furthermore, school can also be a place for children to get negative influence from friends. School bully has been on the headlines for many times. Owning to the exam-oriented education system, most schools only focus on academic performance, ignoring the mental health of children. Even we can see a quality of undesirable contents in media such as advertising and tv shows. These contexts are full of violence, pornography, wrong values as well as anti-social. The children who are mentally immature will indispensable be influenced and imitate the plots, so that’s why children easily go astray and commit crimes.
Something must be done to reduce the juvenile delinquency. Firstly, it is responsible for parents to spend more time with their son and daughter, giving them love and guidance. Government should set up relative laws to protect the children, especially enable parents to follow the rules. Besides, except for the academic performance, schools and parents should more care about their mental health. Meanwhile, schools can invite psychologists to give a class to students.
To prevent the juvenile delinquency and reduce the mental disease, we must rise our awareness of this problem. Only can we reduce it, can we have a better society.
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Recent years has witnessed the great progress in gender equality in many fields and women are no longer limited in the occupations such as housewives, laundresses or nurses. However, there is still a relatively small portion of women in the armed forces. Many people still believe that women are not capable to be soldiers as men can do in the army, navy or air force, which I think is quite reasonable.[br]Being a qualified soldier is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. Firstly, women are genetically not so strong and muscular as men, which is an obvious disadvantage in the army. They may have to make much more efforts in training just to perform as well as their male counterparts. Besides, one important quality of a soldier is that they need to keep clam under some dangerous and complex circumstance. Compared with men, women tend to be more emotional and irrational under such extreme conditions, which may lead them to make wrong decisions in a military mission.[br]Some people may criticize that it’s sexual discrimination if women don’t share the equality to join the army as men do. I think they are a bit overreacted over this issue. It’s true that everyone has the right to choose their favored occupation, under the premise that they are suitable for the job. Women have so many advantages over men in many fields such as education, nursery, and their natural characteristics such as kindness, patience and empathy also help them to perform much better in many other fields. There is no need for them to prove themselves in the army as they can beat men down in other industries.[br]It is true that there are many outstanding female soldiers in the army and they perform as better as men soldiers do, but they are still take a small proportion. Thus I believe that it would be better for women to take other jobs except for being a member in the army.[br]
Nowadays,.We can often heard about the commiting crimes of adolescents from the news or TVs,even these years the criminal rates of teenagers is rising faster and faster.This problem has been discussed among people for a long time.In my opinon,there are a lot of reasons to cause this peoblems. [br]Generally,the main reason for juvenile is the internet.With the development of time,the use of computers has been popularized a large proportion of families.Some parents may didn't suprivise their children use the internet correctly,at the same time,there are a remakably large number of information spread over the website that are hurtful for students,for instance,violence,pornography and so on.So many students may look through these harmful information and generate some obscure psychology pression which they are too young to bear.thus,they will do something which are unhealthy,even some anti-society activities,[br]Besides this,schools,is also a very important cause.in today's society,more and more schools and teachers only care about students'acdamic grades in order to have a very high enrolment rate,consequently neglect their grow up of their unripe heart.In this crucial period,nobody comes up to direct them,adding the bad society phenomenon attached by them,they will imitate the bad guy's behaviours,As a result,the potentially possbiliby of crimes would be rose,.[br]To resolve these problems.Firstly,parents and teachers should pay attention to their students'mental grows.Senior schools should encourage teachers and parents make more contact and communications with them.It is a method which can treat and guide students effectly.Then,many educational tv programme or series of video can be held and publiced.[br]Overall,crimiting crimes of young people is very serious,and it should discouraged at once.Howerver,if schools, board of education and television could focus on this and take measures rationaly,i believe the problems could be improved very well.


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