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#雅思写作方法课第四节作业# In the contemporary age, a growing number of people begin to challenge the practice of allowing women to join the army, the navy, and the air force. They argue that women should not be allowed to join the army because being soldiers should be the work for men. But others argue that we should give women the equal rights to do whatever they want. It is quite natural that people seldom reach any sort of an agreement on such a controversial issue.
People, who approve the idea that we ban women to join the army, the navy, and the air force, list many reasons to support their argument. The first and most important reason, in their opinion, is their limited physical constitution; it is universally acknowledged that physical condition plays a pivotal role in whether you can be a soldier or not be you a man or woman, and comparing with a man’s physical constitution, a woman’s is definitely in an inferior situation.
Besides, traditional idea of a woman’s role in the society also greatly affects their opinion, they think that, as a woman, her most important role should be staying at home to be a benevolent mother and devoted wife, and guarding the motherland and home should be the work left for her husband, or father. Last but not least important, the women are very vulnerable to the dangerous fight. Imagine what should a woman with a slim figure do in front of her enemy, a man with a large build? Could she survive her opponent’s one blow?
Those, who advocate that the women be allowed to join the army, argue that they should be given, at the very least, the equal right with men to do whatever they want—being a soldier in the army, navy, or air force is only one of those experiences. In addition, physical constitution doesn’t play so much an important role in the modern war as in the past now because modern war calls for high technology instead of physical condition. Of course, a woman’s being weak in physical constitution doesn’t mean they won’t lack the ability to stand out in the technological field. Last but not least, women’s joining the army, the navy, and the air force can not only add more color to the life in them, but can broaden their own horizon and enrich their life experience as well.
After some careful consideration, I am in favor of the idea that women should be given the equal rights to do whatever they like just like men and they should be allowed to join army, the navy, and the air force.
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1[br]In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air forces. Do you agree or disagree?[br]Have you even imagined a girl as a soldier? Have you even seen the female soldier in your country? Usually, army is nearly full of strong men. It is difficult that female to be a soldier. Even participating in army is one of the person rights, when people mention a female soldier, most of them will think it just a way to advertise. There are many people still hold an opinion that only male can be the member of the army, female actually misfit to take part in armed force. I personally disagree this viewpoint.[br] First of all, everyone has the same rights basic on equal low. However, In the past, women only can stay at home to take care the whole family as well as have not freedom to opt their life. Absolutely, it is a terrible mistake in social development. So, women taken many efforts to change it. After global feminism explosion, females were be liberated from the role of housewife and stereotype of weakness. In a large number of counties, women have the same rights and a variety of options like men, including the rights to take part in army.[br]In addition, a soldier’s physical quality is not as important as before. Modern armed forces have a significant number of advanced weapons and well-organize information network, which cause a new tendency that army not long focus on manly muscle and strength. Because, comparison with simple physical fitness, intelligence, the ability of control armed facilities and other advanced weapon are more significant. That is why even the physical power of male generally superior to male, but a large of female soldiers still have good grade in army actions.[br]Indeed, we need to acknowledge the difference between two genders. For instance, most of females are actually weaker than males in physical quality as well as strength, but it can eliminate via various way, such as training. So, both two genders have option to join army for country and faith.[br]In conclusion, gender factor should not be the obstacles in people’s life and social development. Women have the same abilities and talents as men, when they have the same rights and chances. [br]2[br]Nowadays a large amount of advertising aiming at children should be banned because of the negative effects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?[br]Have you even seen some cute cartoon advertisements on the TV? Have you even seen children crying for particular toy because they want to buy it, after they saw some advertisements? Some people point that a large advertisements are actually pointing to kids who are still immature and simply. Those commercials bring some negative influences to people and their children, so it should be prohibited. In my opinion, even some advertisements actually cause some problems, but there are some benefits at the same time.[br] The existence of plentiful advertisement aiming at children brings many benefits to a household. First of all, most of children can receive some interesting messages via those commercials. Because the content of advertisements usually introduce child-used products, such as commodities,toys, and other things. After receiving plenty of information, kids can opt items by their preferences. It is better than only selected by their parents. In the next place, parents can use those information to understand the quality and reliability in different brands. Comparison with go outside, browsing commercials can save a lot of time. [br] Indeed, there are some negative effects from commercials which aiming at kids at the same time. Some naive and immature kids are influenced by those advertisements readily. Most of them through cry and scream to require people buy something which they want, after they saw interesting commercial showing the products. Absolutely, a large number of parents have had to satisfy those unreasonably request. What’s more, there some inappropriate actions emerged on advertisement results in kids to simulate it.[br] In conclusion, the commercial aiming children has both advantages and disadvantages.[br]We can try to fully using the benefits and reducing negative effects via the legislation as well as to control the quantity.