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Recent years have witnessed that plenty of females join the armed force, because the modern war is not just a competition in physical aspect as well as in Intelligence and technology. Yet Some people still hold the stereotype that female is unable to be a good soldier. In my opinion, it is the right for a woman to join the army.[br]The first duty of soldiers is to obey their commands and win wars. If females reach the basis enrollment standards. They should be entitled to join in. It is a true universally aknowledged that everyone has the right to choose their own dream. If a boy announces that his dream is to be a soldier, everyone will support his dream and appreciate his patriotism. While if a girl does the same thing, people around her will stand on the opposite side. It seems that there is discrimination. Army is constituted by several kinds of forces, needing experts with various qualifications such as saving injured person or repairing some machines. There is no doubt that women could master these skills. [br]There are several characteristics in woman, who could bear a higher level of stress than men. Encountering some extreme dilemmas, females perform greater the males, as having better duration and patience. They can bear higher pressure coming from negative information. In the other hand, it has been proven that female is more sensitive than male to feel changes in same situation. For instance, female soldiers can distinguish the subtle change and offer timely assistance to one who is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder due to several tragedies in wars. [br]Admittedly, males have more muscle than females, so they have better physical strength. Nevertheless, physical state should not be the barrier blocking females' enrollment.[br]