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#雅思口语方法课第三节作业# 痛并快乐的口语练习。
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地点类[br]ithin walking distance of shops,restaurants,and bars.距离商店,饭店酒吧只有步行的距离[br] Two-thirds of the city comprised of water and green space城市三分之二是水和绿地[br] Give it's residents an amazing high quality of living and safety居民有高质量的生活和安全感[br] ....Is home to such iconic structures as(the opera house)有一些标志性建筑[br] draws so many people from the world吸引了很多国外的游客[br] the city is well-known for it'easygoing lifestyle,sophisticated culture,and world-class restaurants城市因为轻松的生活方式,深厚的文化和顶尖的餐厅而闻名[br] ....(Playing chess)Is an intergal part of the city's street culture ....是城市街道文化非常重要的一部分[br] ....is home to the most vibrant economies on the planet ...有全球具有活力的经济[br] ....Is popular for it location and modern infrastructure因为位置和现代的基础设施而有名[br] good transport links to the city center去市中心交通十分便利[br] Is very desirable for it's Beautiful architecture and views因为建筑和景观而闻名[br] Combine fantastic waterfronts wuth generously-sized parks,top-notch restaurants,and cultural musts,making them truly wonderful places to live,work and vist把水边和公园,一流的酒店,文化圣地结合在一起,适合人们的生活,工作和旅游。[br] 地点类题目是雅思口语一直高频的题型,例如准备一个常见的旅游城市巴黎,可以从以下几点来考虑:[br] 1.背景介绍[br] Paris is the largest country in the Europe,it has beautiful countryside.[br] 2.旅游目的地[br] Eiffel tower is the most-visited attractions.I have heard a lot about Louvre which has some of the famous works of art.[br] 3.特色介绍[br] It has delicious food such as the frog legs.You can sit in the cafe of the restaurant and people watching.It is famous for it's historic architecture.The public traffic is so great so metro goes everywhere.[br][br]人物[br]版权归作者所有,任何形式转载请联系作者。[br]作者:一世界&玫瑰花(来自豆瓣)[br]来源:https://www.douban.com/note/660582586/[br] met my best friend while i was at university.we are roommates . At first,he scolded me for littering the dorm with books, but i soon found he was really a helpful person. When i used the computer to surf the tnternet he would always lend a hand to me because i didn't know much about computers at that time.[br]He's humble guy,and never shows off his knowledge, even though he knows a lot. he's sincere and doesn't midly scold you or even himself in all the same sentence.He is usually very sociable,but sometimes he can also be a bit shy.He is good at playing football and volleyball and used to be on the school team.[br]I think the main reason why we are such good friends is that we and we have a lot common and we both have the same kind of humor.we also always support each other whenever we need help .I think we are such good friends because we don't feel we ever have to pretend around each other,and we are really helpful to one another.[br]i will miss this guy a lot if i go overseas but since we can go online regularly,i can email him,and he's probably right there to receive it!
1. Thank you very much for this wonderful topic. I would like to talk about the ‘City Museum’ which is located in the western part of the city I live in and which is one of the most popular buildings in our town. [br]This building once was the city hall and was built in 1756 by the Portuguese. Some renovation works have been done on this museum but the original design of it was not changed. The city museum still gives an impression of a fine architecture of the past and attracts so many tourists each day. People like to look at it and praise the design of this building. The interior of it is full of historical evidence of our past and a museum visitor is bound to love his tour in this museum for the reach experience it offers to everybody. This building is located near a park and the central library which is well known among the local people. As I said, it is more than 250 years old and in fact, one of the most visited and the oldest building in our city. [br]This building is a very important architectural proof of mid-Eighteen century. It looks like a castle from far away while it gives the impression of a gigantic temple when it is looked very closely. This red coloured building was turned into a museum in 1920 and all the history lovers around the world visit it for the local history and other important objects it holds. [br]In my opinion, this is a quite important building in our city. First, it represents our past and it signifies our present also. All the important historical and cultural objects and proofs have been stored there. Besides, this is one of the most popular tourist spots in our city that not only earns a huge sum of money but also introduces our local culture to the visiting tourists. To elucidate the importance of this building I can mention that this building reflects our pride and the government spends a large some amount of money each year to maintain its originality. In my childhood, I lived in an urban area and I read about this building in my textbook probably in grade three or four.[br]2. The garden I'm going to describe is famous because it belonged to the French painter Claude Monet. It's in a place called Giverny, which is in northern France, about an hour away from Paris in the province of Normandy.[br]There are actually two gardens at the Monet house in Giverny: a flower garden, and a Japanese inspired water garden. Apparently, Monet designed the gardens himself; he even had the pond and the famous Japanese bridge made. After creating the gardens, Monet painted some of the most well-known paintings in the world, such as those of the waterlilies below the bridge on his pond.[br]Thousands of people visit the gardens at Giverny to see the magnificent scenes that inspired Monet's paintings. Visitors can walk around the gardens and take pictures, which is what I did when I went there.[br]I like Monet's gardens because they are such beautiful creations, and it's amazing to see the 'real thing' having seen the famous paintings so many times.[br]3. I would like to talk about my grandparents’ house which I visit almostevery year during summer vacation.It is located in countryside, the most remote area of Sichuan province.There are plenty of trees, gardens, ponds and open space in front ofthe house.It is not a very big house in terms of the size. But it is spaciousenough for our family. My grandparents don’t like luxuriousdecorations and they only have necessary household appliances andfurniture. I’d be really happy if I could live there instead of living in thisnoisy city, hence I always enjoy visiting my grandparentstremendously.[br]There are several reasons why I find this house interesting. Firstly Iwant to live close to nature, a place that offers fresh air, cleanenvironment, pollution-free living and healthy fresh food. Secondly,this house always feel so cozy because every time when I am there, Iget to see many of my relatives. Finally, my dream house is actually afarmhouse, tough my grandparents’ house is not a farmhouse, it isclose enough.[br]4. I’m an introvert and not really keen on socializing with others, so I often find a noiseless spot to frequent to every time I’m stressed out from work study. It is the small and cozy café within a walking distance from my house.[br]Unlike other coffee shops in the vicinity of my neighborhood, the atmosphere here is extremely tranquil and serene, which greatly lives up to my expectation. As a person with heavy amounts of daily workload. The café gives me a certain degree of peacefulness and calmness, especially during nerve-racking times like final exams when I am up to ears in assignments.[br]What leaves the most profound impression on me is the complete silence in the café as the shop owner fortunately is not interested in music of any kind, so no background music is expected when you come here. I can increase my concentration span while reading a book or other materials and finish work with great productivity, compared to when I’m at home, surrounded by many disturbances like babies crying and neighbors arguing. One bonus point is that the coffee there is second to none which caters to my unique tastes! The foods are really scrumptious, giving me great refreshing energy when suffering from fatigue and stress I have to admit.


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