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托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5
#托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5# In the wake of increasing dual demands of spirit and sense, in contemporary society, there is a fever for many filmmakers to create some movies according to books. Thus, facing those films, people's reaction varies apparently. Some of them tend to read the book before watching the movie, However, other people are more willing to watch the movie before reading the book. As far as I am concerned, I would go for the latter suggestion. I am going to elaborate my point of view in following paragraphs.
In the first place, there is nothing more convenient and time-saving than knowing about a book by watching its movies. I mean, most of us, ordinary people, read novels or watch movies just for entertainment, which could lighten our mood when confronting endless tasks. It is known to all, modern people's time is always pressing. But reading books usually cost more time that watching movies. Taking I, myself, for example, 'the shawshank redemption' is my favorite movie. I watched the movie as soon as it was released. Because of being impressed by its interlocking plots, cliff hanging scenes and complex relationship between characters, I decided to read its novel. As a result, a month later, I gave up, since there are many details in the book and I didn't have enough time to read it.
From then on, I felt that watch movie might be the better way to know about a book, if we won't invest a lot of time.
In addition, the experience of watching movies is more splendid than reading books. With the development of technology, there exists many special effects and beautiful background music in a good movie, which makes up an audio-visual feast. In contrast, the process of reading book is tedious and dull relatively.
For example, my father is a history buff. He always devotes his spare time to reading historical books. But once he told me that he was attracted by‘Brave Heart’ , a movie talking about the history of England. Thanks to its dedicate frame and interlocking plot, my father shifts his way to learn about history from reading books to watching movies.
Of course, I am not saying that there is no merit for reading books. In the contrast, reading the original could be a good way to learn about the thought of writer. However, I think, most people only care about whether the story of movie is wonderful, since they spend their time and money just in order to have a break. Therefore, the debate about which deserves appreciation at first does not make sense.
To recap, based on what I have discussed above, I can draw a safe conclusion that watching movies could be a better way instead of reading books. It is because watching movies not only brings us a premium experience, but unwinds us from endless reading meterials.
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Currently, with the increasing popularity of movies based on books, a preference between them is so much concerned that it has aroused a wide discussion. Some people prefer to read the book before they watch the movie, while other people prefer to watch the movie in advance. In my opinion, I prefer to watch the movie at first.[br]On the one hand, it is much more convenient and efficient to watch the movie than read the book. In the present age, we can watch films anytime we want and everywhere we go with a mobile phone, an ipad or a laptop. It is faster to get a movie tape online than to obtain a real book. Although e-book has made watching a book as convenient as watching a movie, it will cost more time and energy to comprehend the purpose of a story through the book. We are living in a speed-up society when time is money, so watching the movie before the book is an efficient and effective choice.[br]On the other hand, movie is an integrated form of art which presents an audiovisual feast for the audience. A movie includes numerous close-ups, brilliant plots, intelligent scripts as well as fabulous wardrobe. There is no doubt that reading a book will expand our imagination and broaden our horizons, but watching a movie will make it come true to some extent. For example, we all have read many fairy tales during childhood. However, nobody knows what a real princess looks like or a monster’s appearance in those stories without painters and filmmakers. Movies not only make people’s imagination come true, but also create a new world to adventure and a view of others’ life. It is more touchable and realistic to feel the spirit by a movie than a book.[br]Even though there are still a lot perspectives of books which can’t be transformed into movies, it couldn’t be neglected that movies have done a great job in expanding books’ influence. Undoubtedly, book is the main method of obtaining knowledge and improving intelligence for ordinary people. However, movies also changed a large amount of human beings in an emotional way. By watching real characters struggling in their lives during a movie, people could get a straight and inspiring thought for our own life. Movie is the fast way to reflect ourselves while reading a book needs more patience and time.[br]To sum up, to watch the movie at first not only save time in enjoying the story briefly, but also supply the audience with a sophisticated kind of art which reserves the main purpose of the book. Therefore, I am in favor of watching the movie before the book.[br]
Nowadays, it is very common to find a cinema crowded with audiences coming to watch the newly launched movie telling a story written by a famous author. Someone hold the point that as for the films adapted from a book, people should watch the movie first. However, in my mind, it is more meaningful for people to read the book on which the movie is produced before going to the theater. I would like to elaborate my reasons and examples in the following paragraphs.[br]In the first place, reading the book ahead of time is of great help for us to understand the drama of the movie. In my opinion, discerning the movie’s story line is really important for me, which is the premise of enjoying the whole movie. Take Tiny Times written by Jingming Guo as an example. If audiences haven’t read the book before, they can hardly understand those behaviors of these four young girls and feel puzzled at the complex relationships between so many roles. It is not difficult to find that this example is not an anomaly, through reading the original book, we could definitely know the background and the personalities of the roles in the movies better.[br]In addition, reading the book in advance allows us to be more critical while watching the movie. As a campus editor, it is a pleasure for me to evaluate whether the movie is worthwhile to see or not after watching each one. The movie, Into the White Night, based on the book written by Higashino Keigo is a good example. The author is very successful in depicting criminals’mental activities and creating conflicts, while the movie emphasizes much on cruel criminal activities to catch eyeballs. Only by reading the original story can we understand why protagonists were gradually set into a series of crimes and applaud the screenwriter. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that with the interpretation of the book beforehand, we could appreciate the movie more critically.[br]Someone holds the point that they could enjoy the feeling of freshness watching the movie before reading the original. Nevertheless, comparing with in-deep and overall apprehension and objective criticism of the movie, it is not so crucial. Moreover, there is no denying that the sense of freshness could also be gained by reading the original book.[br]
To put it into a nutshell, I would like to read the book before watching the movie. Because in this way, not only could I understand the story better, but also I could criticize the movie more objectively. [br]
In modern movies marketing, it is a common thing to produce some movies according to center well-known novels. After people saw the movies, they prefer to compare it with original-work. From where I stand, watching movies first is my preference. This opinion can be well supported by following reasons and examples.[br]Watching movies directly can understand the scenario more efficient. Generally, for the people who merely possess basic reading speed, they will spend several days at least on short-novel reading. Nevertheless, if a person understood a movie though to watch, the efficiency would be dramatically enhanced because general movies are no more than two hours. For example, recently I watched a famous movie called THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, which was made in terms of a Japanese well-known novel. The time of the whole movie is almost one and a half hours, and I could basically summarize the relationships of main characters, cause, process and ending. Afterwards, I read the original book. It took me almost one week to accomplish the reading due to my slowly reading speed.[br]In addition,it is easy for people to deeply understand the relationship between characters in the movies. Usually a brilliant novel covers complicated web of character relationships. There is no doubt that people are easy to get chaotic if they understand such complicated character relationships just by literal form. Especially, reading English novels, it is hard for mostly Chinese to remember English name, so people are extremely easy to forget. Nevertheless, movies are just the opposite. It is art form which is performed by some professional actor or actress, so people can directly feel the emotion and personality of each character in movies. For instance, the movie I proposed previously, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, I could feel the introverted personality of the chief actor in the prosses of watching the movie. Although he did not speak too many words with chief actress, his eyes often were full of love as he faced to chief actress, which has an enormous difference with novel. In the novel, the chief actor just like a cold robot.[br]Some people believe that reading book first could understand more complete scenario. Indeed, many movies based on novels deleted a lot of scenario. However we can inspire our interesting to read book through watching movies first, then to read novels to understand original scenario. Thus, I still insist that it is more beneficial for us to watch movies first rather than reading book first.[br]From what has been discussed above, I can draw a conclusion that watching movies first indeed is a good choose for people. it is not only help people to rapidly understand the scenario bust also benefit people to understand the complicated relationship between characters. [br]
With the development of the film industry,more and more films originated from some famous literature which have a large following. Hence, a heated debate about this has arisen: do you prefer to watch the movie before reading books or not? I belong to the former kind of people who are fond of reading first. My viewpoint is based on following reasons and examples.[br] A compelling tale can cultivate us to be a person of fertile imagination.As we know, the special effect scene in movie is created from designer’s own comprehension of this movie but not for ours.That just means, we obtain others‘ feelings and explanations directly. In a sense, we may loss the enjoyment of imagining for ourselves. Think myself for example. I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I read this series of books at the age of 9. At that time, I was keen on studying in the magical universe one day due to its often changeable construction. Moreover, I gradually admired the courage and kindness Harry potter showed in adversity. Thus, the fascination of these books drives me to watch film series.[br] Furthermore, the reading of the book in advance allows readers to ground in the real world of writer. Compared with the visual shock at the scene, appreciating the quality of words can make us share the feeling with leading characteristic which can give us a different view experience of movies. Gone with the Wind it is undoubtedly a masterpiece I’ve read. Through the entire story, I was attracted by the book from the beginning to the end. Gradually, I find myself in Scarlet . Hence, it was with such feelings that I watched the whole movie. Though this movie had some fragments to be cut, ascribing to reading before, I struck a chord with the vivid scene. Therefore, reading books ahead can we draw the distance closer to the inner world of character.
With the remarkable improvement of people's living stardand, everyone has all kinds of methods to have a rest. To entertain people better and make movie easier, many movies are based on books. Some people tend to watch the movie after they read the book, while others like to read the book after they watch the movie.As for me, i prefer to read the book and then watch the movie.[br] Reading books that are made into movie cost less money than watch movie. If people want to learn about a new film, they can choose to read the book that are made into movie to know whrther they are intereted in the story, which cost less money and is more convenient. My friend, Dave, always do that. Everytime there is a new film that he has never known and is baesd on books, he tends to go to a bookstore to read the story. If he doesn't like the story, he always stop reading and decide not to watch the movie. He thinks it is the best way to save money. We can find that a person can read the book to decide whether one need to watch the movie, which spends less money and is a efficient way.[br] Reaing the original work firstly can help us understand deeply the story and be aware of the value of the story. Most books who are adapted for films have their values that can tell people somethings important and lead to thinking of people. But it is hard for people to understand what filmmaker want to tell by watch movie because of those special effects appealing to audiences and making them paying attention to stunts instead of the story. I always do the same. Everytime I watch some well-known movies, such as Transformer, Harry Potter and The Avenger, I am impressed by special effects. However, it is commonly that i forget what is the story and only are those special effects in my mind. So I ignore the story and find if I want to know what is the value, I need to read the original work. [br] Admittedly, people easily are insteret in the story because of firstly watching the film. Besides, movies can give everyone more happiness than books do. But reading the original books teach ones understand the value of story, which is more important. So I insist reading the book and then watch the movie. [br] In a word, thanks to reading the original works which are adapted to movies, we not only cost less money, but also easily and clearly be aware of the important value of the story and what the writter want to tell us. Therefore, I like to read the books firstly and watch films secondly.


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