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托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5
#托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5# In the wake of increasing dual demands of spirit and sense, in contemporary society, there is a fever for many filmmakers to create some movies according to books. Thus, facing those films, people's reaction varies apparently. Some of them tend to read the book before watching the movie, However, other people are more willing to watch the movie before reading the book. As far as I am concerned, I would go for the latter suggestion. I am going to elaborate my point of view in following paragraphs.
In the first place, there is nothing more convenient and time-saving than knowing about a book by watching its movies. I mean, most of us, ordinary people, read novels or watch movies just for entertainment, which could lighten our mood when confronting endless tasks. It is known to all, modern people's time is always pressing. But reading books usually cost more time that watching movies. Taking I, myself, for example, 'the shawshank redemption' is my favorite movie. I watched the movie as soon as it was released. Because of being impressed by its interlocking plots, cliff hanging scenes and complex relationship between characters, I decided to read its novel. As a result, a month later, I gave up, since there are many details in the book and I didn't have enough time to read it.
From then on, I felt that watch movie might be the better way to know about a book, if we won't invest a lot of time.
In addition, the experience of watching movies is more splendid than reading books. With the development of technology, there exists many special effects and beautiful background music in a good movie, which makes up an audio-visual feast. In contrast, the process of reading book is tedious and dull relatively.
For example, my father is a history buff. He always devotes his spare time to reading historical books. But once he told me that he was attracted by‘Brave Heart’ , a movie talking about the history of England. Thanks to its dedicate frame and interlocking plot, my father shifts his way to learn about history from reading books to watching movies.
Of course, I am not saying that there is no merit for reading books. In the contrast, reading the original could be a good way to learn about the thought of writer. However, I think, most people only care about whether the story of movie is wonderful, since they spend their time and money just in order to have a break. Therefore, the debate about which deserves appreciation at first does not make sense.
To recap, based on what I have discussed above, I can draw a safe conclusion that watching movies could be a better way instead of reading books. It is because watching movies not only brings us a premium experience, but unwinds us from endless reading meterials.
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In modern movies marketing, it is a common thing to produce some movies according to center well-known novels. After people saw the movies, they prefer to compare it with original-work. From where I stand, watching movies first is my preference. This opinion can be well supported by following reasons and examples.[br]Watching movies directly can understand the scenario more efficient. Generally, for the people who merely possess basic reading speed, they will spend several days at least on short-novel reading. Nevertheless, if a person understood a movie though to watch, the efficiency would be dramatically enhanced because general movies are no more than two hours. For example, recently I watched a famous movie called THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, which was made in terms of a Japanese well-known novel. The time of the whole movie is almost one and a half hours, and I could basically summarize the relationships of main characters, cause, process and ending. Afterwards, I read the original book. It took me almost one week to accomplish the reading due to my slowly reading speed.[br]In addition,it is easy for people to deeply understand the relationship between characters in the movies. Usually a brilliant novel covers complicated web of character relationships. There is no doubt that people are easy to get chaotic if they understand such complicated character relationships just by literal form. Especially, reading English novels, it is hard for mostly Chinese to remember English name, so people are extremely easy to forget. Nevertheless, movies are just the opposite. It is art form which is performed by some professional actor or actress, so people can directly feel the emotion and personality of each character in movies. For instance, the movie I proposed previously, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, I could feel the introverted personality of the chief actor in the prosses of watching the movie. Although he did not speak too many words with chief actress, his eyes often were full of love as he faced to chief actress, which has an enormous difference with novel. In the novel, the chief actor just like a cold robot.[br]Some people believe that reading book first could understand more complete scenario. Indeed, many movies based on novels deleted a lot of scenario. However we can inspire our interesting to read book through watching movies first, then to read novels to understand original scenario. Thus, I still insist that it is more beneficial for us to watch movies first rather than reading book first.[br]From what has been discussed above, I can draw a conclusion that watching movies first indeed is a good choose for people. it is not only help people to rapidly understand the scenario bust also benefit people to understand the complicated relationship between characters. [br]
As we all know,many movies based on books,such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.When we want to learn about this story,if we should read the book before?Some people prefer to read the book before they watch the movie,they said that there are more details in the book and it's more interesting than movie,but I think if we just want to learn about the story,going to the movies firstly is a better choice.[br]first,watching movies is more convenient and efficient than reading book.the movie will summarize the main content about the book and help us to understand the book quickily.Harry Potter is a terrific movies and based on the book Harry Potter,the book is too long(about 3million words)to read it in a short time,it took me the whole summer holiday to read it .however,if you choose to watch the movie,one day is enough.the movie summarized several important plots and help us to understand the whole story quickily .it's more convenient and efficient than reading the book.[br]Watching movies could make us more impressive to this story and understand it easily.The movies could show the pecture directly in front of us,it will give us a deeper impression and help us comprehend the story.Speaking of this, we have to mention the Harry Potter,too. This is a story about magic,there are many unimaginable scenes,it's hard to imagine what happened when we read the book,but if you watch the movie,it will give you a very real and spectacular scene,it will make you more impressive and help to understand it.So,watching movies before reading bookes is the better choice.[br]Some people said that filmmaker always cut a lot of plots and make the whole story broken,so many movies based on celebrated books are unsuccessful.I agree with that the story in books is more intact,but if for someone who just want to get a little bit of information about what happened in the story,going to the movies straight is the most convenient and efficient way.[br]To put it in a nutshell,Watching movies firstly is not only more convenient and efficient but also could make us more impressive to this story and understand it easily. So I think if we just want to learn about the story,going to the movies firstly is the better choice.
With the rapid development of society and the remarkable improvement of living standard, people would like to invest increasing amount of time in entertainment. One of prevailed entertainment is watching movies. Recently a heated debate has arisen whether watching the movie should be prior to reading the book which the movie is based on. Some people believes that we should give priority to reading the book. As for me, watching movies firstly is more rewarding. My examples and reasons are given below. (81w)[br]Watching the movie firstly actually saves lots of time in comparison with reading the novel at first. In modern lives, we are too busy to take time to enjoy those classical and famous novels which are thick for the most part. However, the movie adapted from its novel offers an opportunity to go over the great story or epic within acceptable time. The Lord of the Rings, a renowned novel, is a good example. The novel depicting the ancient world with a great number of new concepts will cost readers a lot of time. After adaptation into movies, citizens could spend less time enjoying the magnificent epic. (107w)[br]In the second place, firms bring the fancy story in the novel into a vivid scene. The live story with inspiring music, rich details of scenery, and handsome or beautiful actors provides the audience wonderful pleasure. Moreover, it is convenient and cozy to watch movies by famous directors without any efforts. One good example in position is that one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump, depicts attractively and vividly the American history in the latter half of the 20 century. It is such a pleasant experience to touch the story by movie firstly. The novel won't be that fantastic compared with scenes in movies. (104w)[br]Admittedly, I am not denying the benefits of reading books prior to watching movies. There will be more fascinating details and smart structure contained in the book, which satisfies the imagination and curiosity of some big fans, to some extent. However, the number of those fans with special needs is not large. For most of the people interested in the story of the book, seeing films is a better option, since it costs less time during their busy lives and the movie adaption from the novel is amazing by the hands of great directors. (94w)[br]To put it in a nutshell, I prefer to watch movies adapted from books before reading the books, because it costs less time to enjoy the fancy story, and movies directed by world class directors and their high quality make me go to cinema firstly. (45w)
In recent years, web fictions have been springing up on the Internet, many of which have been adapted for movies or teleplays since they have already accumulated great popularity and met most people's demand for entertainment. While many people argue that films are much more vivid than books and that watching films takes fewer efforts than reading books, I still believe that compared with watching movies, reading books is more valuable. Here are my reasons.[br]First, words in books convey more delicate emotions and make people more likely to empathize with the characters and the plots. When we are reading a book, we have sufficient chance to ruminate over every detail in the book because sometimes merely one or two words can reveal the personality of characters and express their feelings, which helps people get fully immersed in the story. For instance, when I read Chinese classical novels, I often read the text repeatedly to appreciate the poetic language and reflect on the philosophical moral involved in the stories. While watching the movies adapted from books, however, I cannot help following the pace of the movie and have no time to think deeply about what it wants to express. To summarize, compared with films, books provide us with a purer atmosphere to focus on the world it has established with fine words.[br]Second, books leave more room for imagination. Interpretations of the narration and description vary from person to person. If we watch the movie before reading the original book, people's perception will be confined to the concrete scenes and sound of the movie and thus lose various possibilities of understanding the original text. Furthermore, except for a small number of well-reputed adapted films, owing to lack of budget or poor interpretation of the original book, many films just roughly deal with scenes and plots which are rich in meaning and damage the beauty of the book. In comparison with books, movies can merely demonstrate the tip of the iceberg and therefore watching movies before reading books will make audience restricted to the presented scenes and sound.[br]Granted that movies may have some advantages over books in terms of certain types of works, such as action and science fiction, which incorporate many body actions and visual scenes. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the original books of these types of movies are also excellent. Without astonishing visual impact, books can make the reader pay more attention to the meaning behind the story. Taking a book for example, the Three-Body Problem has caused a sensation in China in recent years. The author contrives a new and uncanny construction of the universe and urges readers to think deeply about the subsistence of human beings. This is a perfect example of the argument that books can also tell good stories of action and science fiction.[br]In conclusion, books have elaborate depictions of the feelings of characters and abundant details of the plots. In addition, they offer readers a land of freedom on which they can have distinctive understanding of the story based on their own experience and personality. In a word, reading books is more conducive to readers, therefore, it is more advisable to read books before watching the film adaptation.[br]
With the development of entertainment, now there are full of various interesting amusement project. Some people claim that reading the book would be better before they watch the movie, while others hold adverse ideas. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to watch the movie before I read the book. My viewpoint is based on the following reasons and example.[br]The first benefit is that watching movies are more efficient than reading books. Due to intense competition of test, the time is pressing and a book which was made into movie must be long. However I have no time to read a long book. Watching a movie, I could save much time to prepare the TOEFL test. The Great Gatsby, for example, is a long novel which was written in 1925. If I chose to read it, I would spend one month, even longer, on reading it over. But I watch the movie which is based on The Great Gatsby just costs me few hours.[br]In addition, movies which is full of ample visual and auditory impact could bring me diverse sensory feeling. Different from authors, filmmakers could take advantage of multiple actions and music. As we know, moving pictures with music always let people feeling exciting. Taking the Lord of the Rings for example, watching movies in the cinema, I am amazed by the wonderful pictures and inspiring music. It is no doubt that the watching movies is more interesting than reading books. Because single word is put limit on expression of story.[br]Admittedly, reading books before we watch the movies do have some advantages. For example, we could acquire more details from books and know more about author’s intention. Thus, watching movies, we could assure that we would not miss any vital information. However, watching movies, for most people, could express details and author’s intention directly through picture and music, too. [br]From what has been discussed above, we can draw an exact conclusion that reading book is not my style. On the one hand, we have to spend lots of time on reading book, which is not efficient. On the other hand, when we read a book, we cannot obtain diverse sensory feeling.[br]


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