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托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5
#托福作文咩第 29 期 Day 5# Nowadays, it is very common to find a cinema crowded with audiences coming to watch the newly launched movie telling a story written by a famous author. Someone hold the point that as for the films adapted from a book, people should watch the movie first. However, in my mind, it is more meaningful for people to read the book on which the movie is produced before going to the theater. I would like to elaborate my reasons and examples in the following paragraphs.
In the first place, reading the book ahead of time is of great help for us to understand the drama of the movie. In my opinion, discerning the movie’s story line is really important for me, which is the premise of enjoying the whole movie. Take Tiny Times written by Jingming Guo as an example. If audiences haven’t read the book before, they can hardly understand those behaviors of these four young girls and feel puzzled at the complex relationships between so many roles. It is not difficult to find that this example is not an anomaly, through reading the original book, we could definitely know the background and the personalities of the roles in the movies better.
In addition, reading the book in advance allows us to be more critical while watching the movie. As a campus editor, it is a pleasure for me to evaluate whether the movie is worthwhile to see or not after watching each one. The movie, Into the White Night, based on the book written by Higashino Keigo is a good example. The author is very successful in depicting criminals’mental activities and creating conflicts, while the movie emphasizes much on cruel criminal activities to catch eyeballs. Only by reading the original story can we understand why protagonists were gradually set into a series of crimes and applaud the screenwriter. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that with the interpretation of the book beforehand, we could appreciate the movie more critically.
Someone holds the point that they could enjoy the feeling of freshness watching the movie before reading the original. Nevertheless, comparing with in-deep and overall apprehension and objective criticism of the movie, it is not so crucial. Moreover, there is no denying that the sense of freshness could also be gained by reading the original book.

To put it into a nutshell, I would like to read the book before watching the movie. Because in this way, not only could I understand the story better, but also I could criticize the movie more objectively. 
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【举例】Tiny Times 
【泛化 + 总结】 先看书了解电影背景以及人物性格 

【举例】Into the White Night 
【泛化 + 总结】 先看书能够更客观地评价电影
it is very common to find a cinema crowded with audiences coming to watch the newly launched movie telling a story written by a famous author 定语修饰语成分过多,尝试变换句式结构,简化句子
 it is more meaningful for people to read the book on which the movie is produced before going to the theater;reading the book ahead of time is of great help for us to understand the drama of the movie 注意语言的简洁性 
 Take Tiny Times written by Jingming Guo as an example 添加适当的解释更易于读者理解 
 It is not difficult to find that this example is not an anomaly, through reading the original book 注意句子统一性,适当断句
in-deep 词汇错误
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Intro:[br]Both books and films are in high artistic value. Normally, writers publish novels first and then filmmakers make movies accordingly. However, the sequence to enjoy the two is not carved in stone. Some people prefer to watch films first and then read books, while some people favor the reversed order. From my standpoint, I prone to the latter one. I am going to elaborate my view point in the following paragraphs. [br]Body 1:[br]To start with, reading first enable people to indulge in the imaginary world created by themselves. The meaning of a book holds different meanings for different people, as the saying goes: there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. When I was young, I was obsessed with the series novel of Harry Potter. In my memory, that boy with lightening scars leads me to explore the magic world such as the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters toward Hogwarts Express, the Fat Lady’s portrait in quiet Gryffindor Common Room and the exhilarating Quidditch Competition. Paging through the books is an unforgettable inner world journey. I always watched the movie when I had finished the novel. Unfortunately, films do not cover every detailed plot, and some chapters are even replaced only by several simple scenes. Thanks to reading the novel first, I create myself a unique and beloved version in my mind. Therefore, watching movie without reading first deprives audiences' privilege of imaginary and forces them to receive a fixed version disregarding whether it satisfies viewer’s taste.[br]Body 2:[br]In addition, reading first enhances readers' aesthetic as well as literature taste.[br]Based on director’s derivative work, films move on straightforwardly and rapidly so that what audiences can absorb in a short time, roughly two hours, was extremely limited. If watching film resembles having an easy meal, then, reading an original book is a process to prepare a meal requiring the commitment of time and energy. Before watched the movie, I had spent six months reading Pride and Prejudice, a masterpiece written by Jane Austen. To understand the the social surroundings at the end of 18th century to the beginning of 19th century, I googled a host of documentaries related to the rural life in England. Also, I analyzed in detail about the conflict between Elizabeth and Darcy from their own perspectives.[br]In that way, reading expands my vision and induces my reflection on realizing the true meaning behind the words rather than feeds audiences with directly narrative as the movie does.[br]Concession:[br]Admittedly, watching movie first grants viewers the opportunity to have a glimpse over the whole plot in a relatively short time, After that, people will acquire some detail through reading the original novels. Yet, viewers prone to generate such subjective emotions as preference and resentment based on their judges on the quality of the film further affecting the feelings when they are reading the original books. Reading first allows us to enjoy in the imaginary world. In addition, based on the reading material, it is reasonable to understand the slight changes in transforming words into scripts. Consequently, instead of being misled by some compulsive commends, we will shape our own disinterested judgments.[br]Conclusion:[br]In conclusion, to read original books first is better, not only for the imagination cultivation but also for literature taste improvement.[br]With the advent of information explosion era, if people are used to reading fast, it will be hard to understand the magic power of the words. Therefore, saving time to read first is worthy.[br][br]
With the great development of technology and the growth of people's spiritual demand, more and more literature have been adapted into movies. The phenomenon triggers a popular discussion: whether read the book first or watch the movie first. As far as I am concerned, reading the story before watching the movie is a better choice. I am going to elaborate my point in the following paragraphs.[br]For one thing, reading the book ahead of watching the movie can help us to understand the drama of the movie greatly. Personally speaking, understanding the background of the story is really important for me, while some movies may deleted part of the plot and leave the audience confused. I like The Lord Of The Rings very much. However, its movie change some plot and cut many story in the book. I argue that the book is much more satisfying than the movie. [br]For another, great literary works can give us infinite imagination, just like an old saying goes,” There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes”. We may just see the director and actor's interpretation of the characters through the movie. Moreover, the production of some films is only for commercial purposes, and the quality can’t be guaranteed so that the audience may miss the exquisite of the words. When I was watching Le Petit Prince, I found that description in the movie is not what I expected. It is inevitable that the film disappointed me. After all, imagination is always the most wonderful.[br]Admittedly, I am not claiming that watching the movie first have no advantages. People always can’t keep their mind to read when facing the modern fast-paced life. Maybe sometimes, we can be aroused to the original after watching the films. Just as many people watched the film of The Silence of the Lambs and then go to the original book.
Presently, an increasingly amount of books are being or have been adapted to movies. We call this phenomenon ID adaptation. Some readers hurray for the adaptations since they are equipped with an even more advanced tool to comprehend the gist and details of the books so they resort to movies before they sit down to read, yet some prefer the books as books are. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to watch the movies first. I am going to elaborate my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.[br]Watching the movie first can stimulate the interest of reading. Many movies have been adapted from literature with much success. With the theatrical performance, the spoken words, music, sound effect, and the photographic images, the audience can understand the characters and plots vividly, then want to read the voluminous book. For example, when I watched Dream of the Red Chamber, I was moved by the vicissitude of the The Big Four Families and the fate of Jia Baoyu. Then I’m determined to read the book that had been in my bookcase for many years.[br]Watching the film first is beneficial to a quick grasp of the storyline. Due to the limited length of the time that the production is allowed to run, the director must use this time to create an immediate, sensory impact. Therefor, the audience can have a better understand of the plot, subplot, and characters with 2 hours. For example, instead of read the voluminous original novel, my sister watched the Red Lantern first, and then she could scan the book within 1 hours. If she had read the novel first, it would have cost her more than 5 hours.[br]Admittedly, I am not denying the values of reading books first. For instance, books are capable of inspiring countless interpretation. But when it comes to the efficiency, watching the films before reading the novel can save much time for people. What’s more, it is pointless to have a tedious book in the study that someone may never pick up. It is beginning with the movie, rather than read the book first, that can utilize our precious time. [br]To sum up, movies, with their unraveled advantages against books, have gained and sustained the market in spite book’s meditation value. Thanks to Edison, we now have a more detailed and vivid and efficient life.
In recent years, web fictions have been springing up on the Internet, many of which have been adapted for movies or teleplays since they have already accumulated great popularity and met most people's demand for entertainment. While many people argue that films are much more vivid than books and that watching films takes fewer efforts than reading books, I still believe that compared with watching movies, reading books is more valuable. Here are my reasons.[br]First, words in books convey more delicate emotions and make people more likely to empathize with the characters and the plots. When we are reading a book, we have sufficient chance to ruminate over every detail in the book because sometimes merely one or two words can reveal the personality of characters and express their feelings, which helps people get fully immersed in the story. For instance, when I read Chinese classical novels, I often read the text repeatedly to appreciate the poetic language and reflect on the philosophical moral involved in the stories. While watching the movies adapted from books, however, I cannot help following the pace of the movie and have no time to think deeply about what it wants to express. To summarize, compared with films, books provide us with a purer atmosphere to focus on the world it has established with fine words.[br]Second, books leave more room for imagination. Interpretations of the narration and description vary from person to person. If we watch the movie before reading the original book, people's perception will be confined to the concrete scenes and sound of the movie and thus lose various possibilities of understanding the original text. Furthermore, except for a small number of well-reputed adapted films, owing to lack of budget or poor interpretation of the original book, many films just roughly deal with scenes and plots which are rich in meaning and damage the beauty of the book. In comparison with books, movies can merely demonstrate the tip of the iceberg and therefore watching movies before reading books will make audience restricted to the presented scenes and sound.[br]Granted that movies may have some advantages over books in terms of certain types of works, such as action and science fiction, which incorporate many body actions and visual scenes. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the original books of these types of movies are also excellent. Without astonishing visual impact, books can make the reader pay more attention to the meaning behind the story. Taking a book for example, the Three-Body Problem has caused a sensation in China in recent years. The author contrives a new and uncanny construction of the universe and urges readers to think deeply about the subsistence of human beings. This is a perfect example of the argument that books can also tell good stories of action and science fiction.[br]In conclusion, books have elaborate depictions of the feelings of characters and abundant details of the plots. In addition, they offer readers a land of freedom on which they can have distinctive understanding of the story based on their own experience and personality. In a word, reading books is more conducive to readers, therefore, it is more advisable to read books before watching the film adaptation.[br]
Recently, more and more movies based on the original books. Most of the people would like to watch the movie before to read the book, because the film can provide audiences convenience, and people can spend less time to know a story. However, I prefer to read the book before they watch the movie.[br]First of all, I think movies can’t express books completely. As we know, a common novel has about 1000,000 words. A book has a background and a lot of details to support the plot. Comparatively, most of the movies just have 2 hours. However, It is hard to show all aspects of the story in a short time. We can imagine that lots of plot of creating characters will be missed. For example, I have watched a movie called “The Kite Runner.” When I watch the movie, I think that the book isn’t worth to read, because I don’t understand the film. Later, I read the book, but I surprise that the book is reasonable. The reason is that the movie cancels a lot of detail such as psychological description, which makes the plot intriguing. Therefore, because the movie can’t display a story entirely, reading books before watching films is worthy.[br]Secondly, if we watch the movies before we read the books, the film will limit people’s imagination. When we watch a movie, there are a lot of characters. And then the characters will form a fixed impression. However, when we read the original book, the role of the star will appear in my mind. For example, when I watched “Pride and Prejudice”, I remember that how the protagonist looks like. And then, when I read the book, I discovered that when the books have the name of the protagonist, he will appear in my mind. And also, the description of the view also will be the same as the movies. But people lock imagination of books, and they can not acquire the pleasure of reading. Therefore, I think people should read the books before watch movies because the movie will limit people’s imagination from books.[br]Third, although watching the movie before read book can save time because the audience can use less time to understand a story. However, people can’t experience the meaning of the story, and also, we watching movie can’t increase audience’s literature accomplishment. For example, if people watch books before they read the book. The audience will just know a story, and it can’t acquire others knowledge. But if people read the book first, they can see the background of the story. And also, people will search several relative resources about the book. In this way, people not only can increase the literature accomplishment and also can add more knowledge. Hence, reading books before watching the movie is more worthy.[br]To conclusion, I prefer reading books before watching TV, because movies can’t express an original book entirely, and films will limit people’s imagination. More importantly, if people can reading books first, people can not only enhance the literary accomplishment and also know more knowledge. From what has been discussed above, reading books before watching movies is more valuable.


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