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托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 12
#托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 12# 作业一:
1.undoubtedly, doing research well is what universities should do.
2. there is no doubt, universities are supposed to do a good job in research.
3. undoubtedly, doing research well is one of universities' responsibilities
Comparing with improving facilities, hiring famous professors is more beneficial for the research. Undoubtedly, doing research well is what universities should do. From this angle of view, if famous professors are important for the scientific research, it means that hiring famous professors is important for universities. Mathematician Loo-Geng Hua gave up the bountiful job in America but to back to China, who created the Chinese mathematics school and proposed many theories vital in international, while cultivated some famous mathematicians afterwards in a humble economics. This example is right illustrated that famous professors play a critical role in scientific research. So I insist that spending money to hire famous professors is more significant than improving facilities.
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【理由段】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。从这一角度来看,如果著名教授对科研更有用,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要的作用。所以,我认为花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]【作业三】[br]Doing scientific work is what university should do.[br]University is supposed to do scientific work.[br]Doing scientific work is one of university's responsibilities.[br]【作业四】[br]Compare to updating school facilities, employing famous professors is more helpful to conduct scientific work. There is no doubt that doing scientific work is what university should do. From this view, the more helpful employing famous professors is to scientific work, the more important it is to hiring prestigious professors for university. Qian Xue Shen, former famous professor worked in California institute of technology, leading china’s scientific group made the first atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and the first satellite in china under condition of deficient equipment, which atoned the world. It is this cite prove that employing famous professors play a more vital role in scientific work. Therefore, Spending money on hiring professors is of dramatic importance.
Assignment 1[br]科研工作对设备的精密度要求很高,而这些设备大多需要进口,需要学校进行大量的资金投入。就像普通的学校无法做一些精密的实验,得出好一些的结果的一部分是由于实验条件无法达到理想的状态,这也造成了师资力量的缺失,形成恶性循环。[br]Assignment 2[br]大学投资基础设施和硬件设备可以为老师提供好的科研环境。大学的另一重要作用就是致力于科学研究来解决现实中存在的一些问题。现在科研成果的更新换代特别快,很多大学不能做一些前沿的研究,限制了学校本身和科技的发展。科研工作对设备的精密度要求很高,而这些设备大多需要进口,需要学校进行大量的资金投入。就像普通的学校无法做一些精密的实验,得出好一些的结果的一部分是由于实验条件无法达到理想的状态,这也造成了师资力量的缺失,形成恶性循环。世界上一流的学校能够不断突破新的研究成果的背后,是大量资金投入在基础设施和硬件设备上,给老师提供了非常好的科研环境。[br]Assignment 3[br]Doing research is what a college should do.[br]The college is supposed to do research.[br]Doing research is one of the college’s responsibilities.[br]Assignment 4[br]Investment on infrastructures and hardware devices can provide professors with ideal experimental conditions. After all, another important function of the university is dealing with realistic problems by doing research. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, some colleges fail to study the most cutting-edge scientific research, and then, in this circumstance, their own development would be limited. Besides, it’s universally acknowledged that high precision requirements for equipment are indispensable in experiment. Unfortunately, those kinds of equipment need to be imported, which means that a large sum of money is suppose to be supported for research. For example, ordinary universities don’t have the ability to do some sophisticated experiments since experimental conditions can’t satisfy their needs, causing the lack of wonderful professors and vicious circle. Because there’s no wonder that excellent professor can’t stand doing research work in poor conditions for a long time.The reason why top universities in the world are able to breakthrough continuously is adequate financial support which is positive to professors’ work.
【作业一】[br]前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。[br]【作业二】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。著名教授拥有更丰富的经验能更好的引导学生做科研,就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要的作用。所以,我认为花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]【作业三】[br]请分别用下列句型翻译这句话:毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。[br]1. A be what B should do.=Undoubtedly, good researches are what universities should do.[br]2. B be supposed to do A.=There is no doubt that universities are supposed to do good researches.[br]3. A is one of B’s responsibilities.=Undoubtedly, good researches are universities' resiponsibilities.[br]【作业四】[br]Hiring famous professors benefit in launching researching activities in comparison with improving teaching facilities. Undoubtedly, good researches are what universities should do. Famous professor who have rich experience can better guide students in researches, which means that hiring famous professor attaches greater importance in cultivating good students. Qian Xuesheng, a former professor worked in a famous University of America, backed home with poor condition in Chinese labs and led researchers develop the first atomic boom and man-made satellite which shocked the world. This example does reveal that famous professor play an important role in researching. Therefore, I believe that hiring famous professors outweighs improving teaching facilities.[br]
【作业一】[br]钱学森在回国之前已经是加州理工学院著名教授,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。[br]【作业二】[br]与改善学校设施相比,雇佣著名教授对开展科研活动更有帮助。毫无疑问,做好科研工作是每个大学追求的目标之一。而雇佣著名教授是科研工作开展的重要保障,这就意味着雇佣著名教授对大学更重要。前加州理工学院著名教授钱学森,回国后在设备明显不如国外的情况下,他带领中国的科研人员研发了中国第一颗原子弹、氢弹和人造卫星,震惊全世界。这个例子正好说明了著名教授对科研起到了更重要的作用。所以,我认为花钱雇佣著名教授比改善学校设施更重要。[br]【作业三】[br]请分别用下列句型翻译这句话:毫无疑问,做好科研工作是大学应该做的事。[br]1. A be what B should do.[br]2. B be supposed to do A.[br]3. A is one of B’s responsibilities.[br]1.There is no doubt that doing researches well is what the universities should do.[br]2.Universities is supposed to do researches well.[br]3.Doing researches well is one of universities responsibilities.[br]【作业四】[br]Compared with improving facilities, hiring prestigious professors play a more helpful role to carry out academic activities.There is no doubt that doing researches well is one of aims of universities devoted to accomplish. Moreover, hiring renowned masters is an important guarantee of doing a good scientific research, which means it is more vital to hire famous professors for universities. Former California Institute of Technology professor Qian xuesen, returned to his motherland China and led scientific researchers to develop Chinese first atomic hydrogen bomb and satellite in a rather harsh situations where equipments are significantly inferior to abroad, which socked the whole world. This instance demonstrates rightly that hiring famous professors is essential to do researches well. Thus, I believed that spend money to employee well-known professors is more pivotal to universities than improving facilities is.


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