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口语喵第 35 期 Day 11
#口语喵第 35 期 Day 11# in reality, I always make friends with people who have same interests from me.
once, I made friends with people who have different interests, and I thought I could broaden my insight and knowledge.
However, the fact was that most of time people like to talk their own interests and don’t care mine. and it’s so embarrassed sometimes.
after stayed together for some times, I felt neglected and stressed.
So, now my close friends always have same interests with me, and we have a lot fun to talk and interact with each other. moreover, we can share some information which is actually pretty useful.
for instance, we read a same book, and then we exchange experience that usually inspire me to find a new angle to understand the book.
it’s obviously which friends I will make with.
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