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#托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 10# There exists a permenant phenomenon that some people need help from others, especially those rich men. A heated debate about whether people in current day are more likely to help others is still on the rise. Somebody take it for granted that people in the past performed better than today because of tradition custom. However, in my opinion, we public are more willing to help others in comparison with past years. There are several reasons and examples to illustrate my point of view.Obviously, as we enjoy the high quility of life, we can distribute much more money than old days, using in charity field. Long gone are the days when we only had limited income that could not even make a living for the whole family. UNdoubtedly, nowadays, we are free to exploit our cash remains to help those people in need, which have less influence on our daily life. The person who has achieved financial freedom can give a hand to poor people even without thinking. Here is a concrete example. Jack Ma, who is the most richest bussinessman in Chinese, used to do a lot of unprofitable projects and said that we live in a society that need to share love with others. He is just the tip of this iceberg but is the mirror of the modern society, a loving society.With the ever-accerlarated developing of the technology, we are living in the enbironment that the information transport faster than before, which denotes that if you help the people with emergency, you can easily get fames and receive a unique reputation that will help you in the future. Dating back to 20 years ago, there was not any quick media at that day and people who help others can not be knowned in public and could not have the same motivator as today's, except a few people who have valuable nature sense. A research conducted by some reporters reveals that eighty percent of companies prefer the employee who have a good reputation in public, even with more poor ability than others. It shows that people today maybe more willing to help others in order to get good fame.Admittedly, people lived in the past have better nature sense than today. Nevertheless, I believe this advantage pales in comparison with what I mentioned above.In a nutshell, I reiterate my standpoint that people today are more wiliing to help others. It is not only because of this information society, but because we have more money
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当我们逛街时,街头上难免会碰到一些行乞者,有些人会给他们钱,有些人则直接忽视他们。所以到底人心究竟是变冷漠了还是变得更暖了,大家都有不同的观点。我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。[br]来自个人的捐款最近几年比前几年更多。个人的捐款越来越多,这就说明了现在的人更愿意帮助陌生人。根据中国红十字协会的报告显示个人的慈善捐款自2013年以来持续增长,而2013年以前没有几乎没有增长幅度。对于红十字协会的个人捐款这几年的持续上升, 从数据上反映了现在的人越来越热心公益,也越来越愿意帮助陌生人。[br]越来越多的好人好事被媒体报道。由于好人好事增多,媒体报道的素材也就越多。这说明了现在愿意帮助别人的人变多了。近几年来关于好人好事的新闻的频繁出现在各大新闻媒体上。以前几年一周偶尔看到一两条,现在每天都有很多条相关新闻。各大新闻媒体上关于好人好事的报告更加频繁,这个现象说明了好人好事在增多。进一步说明了现在愿意帮助别人的人比之前增多了。[br]有人认为在如今的商业社会,每个人都只顾眼前的自身利益,不会去管他人的存亡。但是人性不是金钱所能改变的,正如之前的例子所说那样,现如今越来越多的好人好事被争相报道。所以人们是越来越愿意帮助陌生人的。[br]综上所述,鉴于近年来个人的捐款数量逐年递增,以及越来越多的好人好事得到了媒体的报道,我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。[br]When we hang out with some friends, we perhaps encounter some beggers. Some people would give them money, while others choose to neglect them. Therefore, People hold the different views abouht wheather people become more helpful or indifferent to others. In contrast to the past, I think people are more willing to help strangers.[br]The amount of donations form individuals in recent years is more than the past several years. The more individual donations indicate that nowadays, people are more willing to help strangers. Acording to the report of Red Cross society of China, since 2013, the individual donations continue to increase, while before 2013, there is no apparent increasing phenomenon. The change of data reveals that today's people are more public-spirited and more forwardly help other strangers.[br]More and more stories about good people and god deeds are released by media. As the number of good people and good deeds grows, the media has more stories to release. This phenomenon indicates that nowadays, the number of people who is always helpful is increasing. In recent years, the news relevant to good deeds are released frequently by every major news organization. In the past, we occasionally saw several news in one week, while there is so many news related to good deeds nowadays. The more frequent the news about good deeds is, the greater the number of good people become. Further, nowadays, the number of people who are willing to help us on their own initiative grows.[br]Some people hold the view that in this business world, people regard their own interests as the most important things, never caring about other people's hardship. But, money can't change the human nature. As the previous example manifests, nowadays, the increasing nmber of stories about good people and good deeds is released by media. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that people are increasingly willing help strangers.[br]In a nutshell, accodrding to the increaing donations and more and more reports about good people and good deeds, I think people are more willing to help strangers than before.
【作业一】[br] 当我们走在大街上,可能会看到一个老人摔倒了,有的人上前搀扶,有的人视而不见。这个现象引起了大家很有趣的争论:人心是不是变得冷漠了。我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。[br] 捐款是人们帮助陌生人最常见的方式,捐款人数的变化可以反映出整个社会对于帮助陌生人的热心程度。随着网络技术的进步,越来越多的众筹与捐助APP出现,使用这些公益互助平台的用户也越来越多。光轻松筹一家网站就有1.7亿多用户,帮助了220万需要帮助的人。你也经常可以在微信朋友圈中看到朋友转发筹款的求助信息,我和朋友们也经常捐助一些。我的一个高中同学得了大病,通过轻松筹APP在短时间内获得了成千上万人的帮助,得到了及时治疗,现在他又幸运地回到快乐的校园生活。[br] 最近,越来越多的好人好事儿被媒体争相报道。随着教育水平的提高,社会上越来越多的好人好事引发人们的关注与热议。这反映出当今社会人们在追求经济效益的同时,更加追求社会效益,通过帮助别人实现自己的人生价值。央视每年年末都会播出一档节目——感动中国,歌颂各种各样帮助他人的榜样供我们学习;很多明星也发起公益活动,号召大家奉献爱心。如范冰冰发起的“爱里的心”项目帮助救治先心病儿童,韩红爱心慈善基金会救助贫困山区儿童,古天乐为山区儿童建立小学,王菲李亚鹏创立嫣然天使基金会帮助唇腭裂儿童。民间也成立了许多公益网站,如宝贝回家专门帮助家长寻找失踪儿童。网友们也常常将好人好事的视频与故事发布到网上引发关注。这些媒体报道在很大程度上都反映了越来越多的人致力于公益事业,通过帮助他人来快乐自己。[br] 也有人认为,由于当前有很多骗子利用人们的爱心诈骗钱财,导致人们变得不再愿意帮助陌生人了。但是,人们变得有警惕性并不表示人们不愿意帮助别人。随着法律制度日益完善,慈善组织越来越规范,人们依然会很慷慨地奉献爱心。正如前面的例子中所说,近几年有影响力的慈善机构逐渐变多,慈善活动也连续不断,个人捐款数量逐年大幅上涨。因此,人们是越来越愿意帮助陌生人的。[br] 综上所述,鉴于近年来个人的捐款数量逐年递增,以及越来越多的好人好事得到了媒体的报道,我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。
[br]【作业二】[br]Walking on the street, we may watch an old man falling over himself. Some people come up to give a hand while some people turn a blind eye to the situation. This phenomenon triggers an interesting discussion whether people nowadays are getting more cold-hearted than before. From my point of view, I believe that people are more willing to help strangers than the past.

Individual donation is the most common means to help others and the population of individual donations demonstrate to what extent people are willing to help strangers. With the rapid development of Internet technology, many crowdfunding platforms and apps spring up. More and more users increased sharply at the same time. It is amazing that 170 million customs are provided service by only one crowdfunding net named Qing Songchou which helping around 2.2 million people in need. You can also get the information that friends put on the crowdfunding net to help people in trouble and we often lift a finger. One of my classmate raise enough money from all corners of country for his high costs of therapy just in a short time through the Qing Songchou. Fortunately, he came back to his college campus with many blessings now.[br]
Recently, all the media are competing to report a large amount of good people and good deeds. With the national education levels rising, these reports give rise to a grave concern and heat discussion about good people and good deeds, which reflects that people pursue not only the economic benefits but also the social benefits by helping others to realize their value of lives. The CCTV program Touching China which is singing the praises of varieties of heroes provides many excellent examples who help others for us to study. Many stars initiate public benefit campaign either. For example, Fan Bingbing launched a program named Heart Ali to treat and cure children who is affected by congenital heart disease. Hang Hong Love Charity Foundation is contribute to help the poor and rescue those in danger. Louis Koo established a plenty of primary schools for in mountain areas. Faye Wang and Yapeng Li started Smile angel Foundation to cure children who suffers from a Cleft Lip and Palate. Public also set up folk organizations to help people in need such as Baby Back Home which is helping parents to seek for their missing children. It is a common practice that net buddies put up good people and good deeds online to gain widely focus. In a word, these media reports have largely reflected the growing number of people commitment to public welfare. In contrast to the past, I think people are more willing to help strangers.[br]
Admittedly, many people believe that people are unwilling to help strangers for a great number of cheaters who take advantage of loving heart to obtain money by defrauding. But it is not said the rising of vigilance is nothing but the willing to help others decline. With the great perfection of legal system day by day, charities are becoming more and more disciplined. People also will give people in need a hand generously. As previously mentioned, the number of influential charities has gradually increased in recent years, charitable activities is perpetual and the amount of individual donations has risen sharply every year. Therefore, people are more and more willing to help strangers.[br]
To recap, in consideration of the increasing amount of individual donations and more and more media reports about good people and good deeds. I think in contrast to the past, people are more willing to help strangers.[br]
Nowadays, an inevitable moral issue that we face daily is should be help those who are in need, who need food and shelter. Some people decided to help, some decided to watch. Are people helping others more, or are they not? My answer to this is yes, people are helping others more.[br]One major fact is that people have been donating more in the recent years. A good example will be the prevalence of fund raising. On the biggest online fund raising platform Kickstarter, people can talk about their project and get others to pay to support their project. And this is unstoppable: the game Star Citizens has raised over 150 million USD from Kickstarter. This is enough to show how people care about others and are willing to pay to help them.[br]Another factor will be that the act of helping others are being reported. Helping others naturally brings happiness, and knowing that it might be reported amplifies the happiness. We can see more and more news about people helping others in need, after disasters or other terrorist act. People are united on social media, they fight for the ones in need, they give them what they need. [br]Despite of the many solid facts, some people argue there are scammers, and this is making people more vigilant before helping others. But this does not mean that people won't help others. Facts that I had listed in the text above like people raising money for projects clearly shows that people are more and more willing to help others.[br][br]In conclusion, as people are donating more to the ones in need, and charity events are increasingly reported; people are more willing to help others.
【作业一】[br]近几年来,我周围的同学几乎都拥有了去乡村支教的经历,越来越多的大学生主动去帮助渴望知识的孩子们。针对人心究竟是变冷漠了还是变得更暖了,大家的说法不一。我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。我将通过一下几点进行阐述。[br]首先,最近来自个人的捐款一直呈增长趋势。捐款是人们帮助陌生人最常见的表现方式,个人捐款数额的变化体现了大家对于帮助陌生人的热心程度。中国慈善报告显示,2016年9月7日至9月9日,677万人次通过“9•9”公益日平台捐款。2016年的捐款总额是2015年的2倍,参与人次是2015年的3倍。这个变化说明了人们比原来更愿意贡献自己的钱财来帮助陌生人。[br]越来越多的好人好事被媒体报道。由于好人好事增多了,媒体才有了更多的报道素材。而好人好事增多了,说明愿意帮助别人的人增多了。微博的热门话题榜上,几乎每天都可见到以好人好事为主题的话题排在前面。随便刷一下微博你就可以发现市民热心为病患献血,出租车司机免费接送高考的学生或是慈善团体照看留守儿童等事件不停在我们周围发生。我们都知道,微博是大众最常用的社交平台。微博话题也逐渐成为人们获取资讯、了解社会热点事件的主要方式。可以说,微博话题很大程度地反映了社会现实。当前,越来越多的好人好事在诸如微博这样的媒体上得到报道,这个现象说明好人好事在增多,从而进一步表明,现在愿意帮助别人的人比之前增多了。[br]也有人认为,由于当前有很多骗子利用人们的爱心诈骗钱财,导致人们变得不再愿意帮助陌生人了。但是,人们变得有警惕性并不表示人们不愿意帮助别人。当人们找到可靠的慈善组织后,依然会很慷慨地奉献爱心。正如前面的例子中所说,近几年主流慈善机构得到的个人捐款数量逐年大幅上涨。因此,人们是越来越愿意帮助陌生人的。[br]综上所述,鉴于近年来个人的捐款数量逐年递增,以及越来越多的好人好事得到了媒体的报道,我认为,现在的人比以前更愿意帮助陌生人。[br]【作业二】[br]In the last few years, my classmates nearly all had experiences of teaching in China's rural areas. Every year a great number of college students become volunteer teachers in a rural area. An interesting discussion has arisen about whether people are more warmhearted than people in the past. As far as I am concerned, people are more willing to help strangers than before. I am going to elaborate my point of view in the following paragraphs.[br]Firstly, the amount of individual donations has been evidently increasing these days. Donation is a common expression of giving a hand to strangers, thus the size of individual donations demonstrates to what extent people are willing to help strangers. As the says that from September 7 to 9 in 2016, there were 6770000 people donating money through a public welfare platform. In 2016, the gross amount of donations had increased to twice and the number of participants had tripled compared with 2015. It is obvious that people show more willingness to help strangers by donations than people in the past.[br]Meanwhile there are a growing number of good people and good deeds reported by the media nowadays. The increasing number of good deeds provides the media with more stories to release. And more and more good people and good deeds indicate people's readiness to help strangers. Well, everyone can notice that topics about the kindness are always highly ranked in the Hot Topic list of Weibo. Updating Weibo as you would like, you would absolutely read this kind of news. For example, citizens donate blood to patients, or taxi drivers give college entrance examination candidates a ride freely or charities take care of left-behind children. As we all know, Weibo is the most common SNS in China. It gradually becomes a trend to obtain news and social events from the Hot Topic List of Weibo. You can say that topics largely reflect facts in reality. These days, the increasing number of good deeds released via Weibo interprets that people are willing to help strangers than people in the past.[br]In contrast, some people believe that with a great number of cheaters using people's kindness to defraud of money, the public isn't willing to help strangers. However, the vigilance that people gradually own doesn't mean that they have no desire to help others. They choose to donate their money to some authoritative charitable organizations. Just like the previous example, donations through public welfare platforms have dramatically increased these days. Thus there is no doubt that people have more desire to give a hand to strangers.[br]To sum up, the size of individual donations shows the extent of people's readiness to help strangers. And an increasing number of good people and good deeds are reported by the media nowadays. Therefore, I believe that the public helps strangers with more pleasure than before.[br]
社会快速发展,发生了许多重大变化,于此同时人们也一样。有的人认为现在社会中,人与人之间的关系变得淡漠,不像过去那样热心温情了。然而在我看来,我认为现在的人比起以前更加愿意帮助陌生人。[br]近几年来,来自个人的捐款比过去更多。捐款是人们帮助陌生人最直接的表现方式,它在一定程度上体现了人们对帮助陌生人的热心程度。在如今的互联网时代,许多公益活动能够轻松进入人们的视野,捐款明细也都会公开在网络上。大量的数据都表明,如今的个人捐款数越来越多了。比前过去,现在的人们显然更愿意帮助陌生人。[br]越来越多的好人好事被媒体报道。好人好事越来越多,媒体才有了跟更多的报道素材,这也就意味着愿意帮助的别人也越来越多了。如今,各种善举的故事随处可见,不管是在网络上还是传统媒体中。例如大学生到偏远地区支教,辛勤老人每年存钱捐助希望小学,陌生人冒险解救溺水者等等。在媒体日益占据人们注意力的今天,他们所报道的内容很大程度反映了社会现实。显然,现在愿意帮助别人的人比之前增多了。[br]不过与此同时,也有一些利用人们的爱心、善心骗取钱财的骗局出现。有的人会觉得这让人们不敢再相信、帮助陌生人了。但是,人们变得有警惕性不代表他们不愿意帮助别人了。这也使得相关部门和组织对慈善组织更加严格,更加可靠。在找到可靠的途径之后,人们还是很愿意奉献爱心,帮助陌生人的。[br]综上所述,不管是现在与日剧增的个人捐款数量,还是越来越多的好人好事的报道,都清楚表明现在的人们比起以前更愿意帮助陌生人了。[br][br]As the society develop rapidly, it has a number of tremendous changes over decades. And so have citizens do. Some people think that comparing with the citizens in the pass, today they are less warm-hearted or enthusiastic. And the relationship between people becomes more and more indifferent. However, in my opinion, I believe that people today are more willing to offer help for strangers.[br]In recent years, the donations from individuals have been more than ever before. Donation is the most direct way for citizens to help strangers. To a certain degree, it demonstrates the extent of people's readiness to help strangers. In today's Internet age, people can access to public service activities easily. The detailed information about how to contribute can also be found on the Internet .The large number of data indicates that nowadays, the amount of personal donation becomes increasingly larger. Compared with the ones in the past, people are more willing to help strangers nowadays. [br]There are more and more stories about good behaviors being reported. The increasing number of good deeds provides media with more stories to release. Nowadays, various good deeds can be found everywhere, no matter on the Internet or in the traditional media. For instance, university students became volunteers in remote areas; a diligent old man donated his hard-earned savings to a hope primary school; a stranger risked his life to save a drowner. Today, media catch a majority of citizens' eyes. The contents) reported by media reflect the social reality to a great extent. Without doubts, current people have more readiness to help strangers than they used to do.[br]But meanwhile, there are some frauds taking advantage of people's kindness for money. Some people might think that it makes individuals unwilling to trust and help strangers any more. However, becoming vigilant does not mean being reluctant to offer help. And as a result of the frauds, some related apartments and organizations are more strict with the dependability of charity, making it more reliable. With credible organizations, people still love to show their kindness to strangers.[br]In sum, no matter the increasing amount of individual donation, or the good deeds reported more frequently, clearly reflects the fact that citizens today are more willing to help strangers than before.[br][br]


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